On the Hunt for Joy – Week 4 – Sit in the sunshine

Perhaps I have cheated a bit for this week’s challenge from Cee Neuner: On the Hunt for Joy– Sit in the sunshine. The anatomy of a butterfly probably does not include what can politely be called a sit-upon! However coloured butterflies always make me feel happy. If they settle for long enough to have their portraits taken I’m even happier. For once I am including more than one photo. They are all butterflies, which are found in summer in Northern England.

A walk in winter by the River Mersey

On a walk during which there was a sudden shower and a rainbow, I took a few snaps of (and near) the River Mersey in Manchester. The trees in the photo with the moon became perches for a small flock of noisy green parakeets. I was previously unaware that these birds live so far north. I recognised them from their calls and flight having seen them more clearly in Croydon. There were also mallard ducks and drakes on the river as well as a pied wagtail on the bank. Other species of birds kept out of sight!

Conditions were very different from my previous post about this area.

A walk in a country park

For many people Cumbria and The Lake District are synonymous. However not all of Cumbria lies within the Lake District National Park. Some areas outside have lakes of their own. It was one of these we visited to hunt for wild flowers. Longlands Lake is used for fishing and the paths are popular with dog-walkers. The day we visited it was quiet. The river Ehen (pronounced Ian) flows nearby.

The red mud is probably rich in iron. The area used to have iron ore mines, the miners being known as red men!