Broken silence

The prompt from the Daily Post for this week’s photo challenge is Silence.

I was too slow to get outside to take a photo of the blanket of snow, which muffled sounds overnight. By the time I was wrapped up warm there was a steady dripping sound of melting snow!


What? No photo challenge?

As it is the holiday season there is no photo challenge from the Daily Post this week. I have looked through my photos and decided to share a few from two days a month apart. They demonstrate the changing weather and the effect of light on some views.



With good wishes for 2018 to all my readers.

Finding serenity on a road trip

Travelling on motorways is not most people’s idea of a way to find peace or serenity. However in some places there are motorway services, which provide a real refuge from the hurly-burly of life.

One such place is the Killington Lake services in Cumbria. It is quite an exposed location and was windy and chilly even in August. (Our British summer was not very warm this year.)

Killington Lake
Killington Lake
View from a picnic area
View from a picnic area

The photo challenge from the Daily Post is Serene.