A walk around Rydal Water

Towards the end of April we went for a walk around Rydal Water with our daughter. Although it was a dull day it was rather busy before the May Day Bank Holiday. We followed the signs for Rydal caves and continued from the caves around the lake. I have picked out four photos to share here in what is the first post for a long time, which reflects the original purpose of this blog.

The captions tell part of the story. It was a pretty time of year with bluebells in flower and fresh leaves on the trees. April was a dry month.

A cave near Rydal
View along Rydal Water
A waterfall
View across Rydal Water: the highest English mountains (Scafell & Scafell Pike) are visible in the far distance

Springtime March CMMC

The photo I have picked for Cee Neuner’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC) with the theme of spring or autumn (depending on the hemisphere) was taken during a short walk today. Blackthorn is beginning to flower here and there is always a cold spell – the blackthorn winter – at some stage while it blooms. The northerly wind was bitter. After we arrived home there were a few flurries of snow!

My photo is not of blackthorn, but of marsh marigolds, otherwise known as kingcups.

Marsh marigolds

January CMMC Pick a topic

This week Cee Neuner’s Midweek Madness Challenge is to pick a topic from her summery photo.

I am fascinated by the shadows of a fence at the side of a road I have walked along many times. This afternoon (we are about 8 hours ahead of Cee) I noticed how long the shadows were in the low winter sunshine.

There is also grass with its shadow in my landscape. The sky appears white.

View of a long straight country road with a grass verge between the pavement and the road. Shadows of a ranch-style fence beside the pavement cross the road and the verge on the far side. There are houses near the top of the picture.
Winter sunshine and shadows

I am very happy that Cee picked my photo last week to make me one of her five featured bloggers. 🙂