A day out in the Lake District (Part 2 To Sawrey)

From Claife viewing tower we followed the footpath signs to Hill Top, the house, which Beatrix Potter left to the National Trust. On the way I stopped to take a few photos. The countryside was beautiful in the spring sunshine.

The path seemed to take us a long way round and the distances on the signposts did not seem to be consistent. However, we arrived! It was just the right time to see the white wisteria at its best. The National Trust staff and volunteers were all helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. We didn’t follow the trail on the map to see the local places, which Beatrix Potter had incorporated into her illustrated children’s books.

Hill Top
Hill Top

After looking round the house we visited the parish church – St Peter’s. A couple we had met on the footpath had told us it was a peaceful place.

One of another group of people we passed on the path remarked that it was ‘a pleasant sort of day’. Typical British understatement: it was the best day of the year so far.

River Mersey and Earth Day

For the Earth photo challenge from the Daily Post I am sharing two photos of the River Mersey in south Manchester. They were taken on Palm Sunday. It was a beautiful spring morning. The river was calm like the weather. In the photo of the weir there is evidence of the height the river reached in the floods last year. The environment is affected by many forces, both natural and man-made.

Earth Day is a good time to reflect on how everyone has a responsibility to care for the environment.

Signs of spring

The photo I have chosen for The Daily Post’s photo challenge, Graceful, is one of the first signs of the approach of spring.


These catkins look graceful. They were lit by the winter sun on 9th January this year.

Grace and graceful are interesting words, which we perhaps take for granted.

I wrote a post about grace some time ago. Click to read it, if you like.