No fire!

I remember one of the early photos I took as a child was of a waterfall. I had a Brownie box camera, which had been passed down to me from older members of the family. Dad took the same waterfall with a more recent camera and from a different angle. After all he was an experienced amateur photographer. No prizes for guessing whose photo was better!
For the photo challenge elemental, I am submitting two photos taken in Hawes, where we stopped briefly on a journey to the Yorkshire Dales. I still cannot resist snapping a waterfall. Standing on the pavement, I could not fit in the entire width of the river, so here are two photos taken with my phone (as usual). Research on Wikipedia leads me to believe that this is a tributary of the River Ure named Gayle Beck.

The photo challenge from the Daily Post is elemental – air, earth, fire and water. My photos include air entrained in water flowing over rocks, but no fire!


A day out in the Lake District (Part 3 Ash Landing)

On our way to Hill Top we had noticed a sign saying Ash Landing Nature Reserve. We decided to explore it on our way back. It is a National Trust property with a number of different habitats. There are signs with pictures of various species to look out for and additional information.

I noticed some flowers on an oak tree and stopped to take a photo. There was a rustling noise in the undergrowth. I waited quietly and was delighted to see a red squirrel. It ran across the path and disappeared. I continued along the path, heard another noise and spotted (presumably) the same red squirrel as it bounded under a fence and up the side of a field.

There was plenty of bird song, but the birds were hard to spot. I saw a robin!