August CMMC Two Ms in the word

Cee Neuner’s challenge this week for the CMMC (Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge) is for a photo of something with the letter M twice in the word. I hadn’t thought of anything more exciting than a finger post giving directions to a swimming pool, but the post I have scheduled for Friday this week gave me another idea.

I have to apologise for my word having an extra M!

Train commemorating 100 years of the RAF

This train in commemorative livery will appear with a steam train in my next post. The livery (paintwork) is 3 years old as it commemorates an event in 1918.

Many thanks to Cee for featuring my fungus for last week’s challenge.

CMMC February pick a topic

For Cee Neuner’s Midweek Madness Challenge, she has provided a very interesting photo. The topic I have chosen from Cee’s photo is lettering.

Signpost on sea cliffs
Finger-post with lettering

Work is underway on the England Coast Path – a long-distance footpath. New finger-posts have been installed recently. This one is at a point where the path is diverted inland to avoid crumbling cliffs.

Nature notes for October 2020

After some heavy rain and gales the becks were flowing fast. One attracted a heron, which we noticed on three consecutive days. I have not yet discovered whether there is a zoom facility on my new phone’s camera, but I have cropped some photos to enlarge the heron. There were also three mallard drakes and a duck as well as a smaller shore bird we failed to identify. The grey wagtail I noticed eluded the camera!

A heron fishingA heron fishing

We were very surprised one day as we went to look at another very full and fast-flowing beck. A small mammal was using a pipe as a bridge. From its size and the shape of its tail, we are hopeful that it was a red squirrel. They have been seen in some large gardens in this village, so that is not impossible. It vanished far too quickly for a photo!

We have also identified redshanks on the beach.

Ducks and a heron
Heron beyond ducks

Where we saw a squirrel
The pipe over the other beck