Studley Royal Water Garden NT

The walk we enjoyed at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal took us along one side of the River Skell, across a causeway and back along the other side. There was the choice between a high-level and a less steep walk. We chose the high level walk with viewpoints. The pictures in this post were taken in the part of the estate at the Studley Royal end. There was far more to explore, including a deer park, which we couldn’t fit into our visit.

The water gardens are overlooked by follies and woodland paths. After a frosty night several statues had been covered for the winter. The calm sunny day was perfect for reflections on the water.

Collage of three photos. Grey squirrel in a tree, trees and their reflections, Fountains Abbey reflected with trees.
Grey squirrel; Trees and their reflections; Fountains Abbey and trees with reflections
Collage of seven photos. Octagonal folly and trees, with church spire in distance to left of  a deciduous tree opposite side of octagonal folly, two photos with temple of piety and reflections, a waterfall, view of teh abbey,Temple of Fame.
Octagonal Tower; Octagonal tower and serpentine tunnel; 2 x Temple of Piety; weir; Fountains Abbey; Temple of Fame

August CMMC Two Ms in the word

Cee Neuner’s challenge this week for the CMMC (Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge) is for a photo of something with the letter M twice in the word. I hadn’t thought of anything more exciting than a finger post giving directions to a swimming pool, but the post I have scheduled for Friday this week gave me another idea.

I have to apologise for my word having an extra M!

Train commemorating 100 years of the RAF

This train in commemorative livery will appear with a steam train in my next post. The livery (paintwork) is 3 years old as it commemorates an event in 1918.

Many thanks to Cee for featuring my fungus for last week’s challenge.