Another realm

The challenge from the Daily Post for this week is out of this world. I have tried to take photos of the moon, but they are poor. My camera phone and I have not agreed about zooming in. Failing an extraterrestrial satellite, I have chosen a rather unusual photo taken through a window.

The snowstorm which reached the UK from Tuesday this week, known as #TheBeastFromTheEast, reached us overnight on Tuesday-Wednesday. We have a variety of birds, which visit the garden. The tracks in the snow on a path are intriguing. There are obvious tracks from a cat and from hopping birds. One trailing track joined to bird prints has puzzled hubby and me. Was it a skid before landing? Do birds trail their tails?

Tracks in the snow
Tracks in the snow

It may not be out of this world, but it is certainly out of our world and into the realm of nature.

Broken silence

The prompt from the Daily Post for this week’s photo challenge is Silence.

I was too slow to get outside to take a photo of the blanket of snow, which muffled sounds overnight. By the time I was wrapped up warm there was a steady dripping sound of melting snow!

Snow on the horizon

I am later than usual with my post for the New Horizon photo challenge from the Daily Post. I wasn’t inspired at first! Here is a photo with the Lake District fells on the horizon. I’d like to explore more areas of this beautiful county.

I’d also like to see a book of poetry and perhaps photographs with my name on it. Perhaps that is also on the horizon.

Snow on the horizon
Snow on the horizon