A close encounter of the ovine kind

On a familiar path it seems unlikely that anything more exciting will happen than a chat with other people or perhaps a sighting of a butterfly or an unusual bird. One day in early April there were sheep and lambs in the field. Most were at the far end away from the path. Two lambs were lying down on the path. I stopped to take a photo from a safe distance in order not to startle them. They were not at all timid and came to investigate.

As there is a time delay on the shutter on my camera phone, I missed the first lamb as they raced towards me. One of the lambs then began to suck my trousers and my boot. Hubby was behind me on the path watching.

Mother sheep was minding her own business on a bank between the path and the fence. She went across the path with the lambs, but appeared to be ignoring them.


Which way photo challenge

This is the first time I have taken part in one of  Cee’s photo challenges.


Which way’ is a weekly challenge on a Friday.

It just happened that I was walking along a footpath looking out for different species of grass for a Twitter #wildflowerhour, when I looked up and saw a group of ewes and lambs ahead of me on the path.

Which way would they go? They turned off to their right.

Sheep ahead
Sheep ahead

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

Unlikely to be appreciated

A misshapen knitted sheep
A misshapen knitted sheep

A few years ago I knitted a sheep. Knitting toys perhaps requires more skill than knitting garments. It is unlikely that anyone would appreciate my sheep as a gift, so I have kept the poor thing!

The photo challenge from the Daily Post is Unlikely.