A visit to Wallington NT

On a recent short break we made two visits to Wallington, a National Trust property in Northumberland. It was on our route to and from our destination. The advantage of making a journey of a few hours duration, rather than travelling abroad is that the travelling days can become holiday days as well.

We explored the grounds taking the riverside walk to the walled garden on the first visit. This involved crossing the river by stepping stones. As the water-level was low the steps were easily passable. However we did not take the higher route through woods as it was windy.

The photos tell part of the story. (I have not included nature pictures I took.)


A woodland walk

On a mission to find fruits and berries for #wildflowerhour we drove a couple of miles to a spot popular with anglers. (The general public may not go near the water!)

Here are a few snaps of things which caught my eye. The speckled wood butterflies all flew away just as I was about to catch them on camera!

With thanks to #wildflowerhour on Twitter for identification of some of the plants in this post.

Urban flora

Here are some photos of plants and trees in a local town centre. When I took a friend on a short tour of the town, I avoided the area near the busy cross roads, because it was shabby at that time. Now it is looking much smarter. There are floral displays with brightly coloured begonias all over the town. I have included a picture of a park we visited.

The silver birch trees are the sort which gave the title to a book I read recently – Ghost Trees.