A walk in Croydon

On Easter Sunday afternoon hubby and I went exploring in Croydon. I had studied a street map and worked out how to reach an open space. We skirted the park on the footpaths and looked for wild flowers. It was rather hot for the time of year, but more pleasant away from main roads.

There were people out enjoying the sunshine and the spring flowers, but I avoided them in my photos. I found at least two species of wildflowers which were new to me. (Help with identification of the cranesbill and the tree would be appreciated.)


Hope Park, Keswick in September

This is the third post with photos from a day in September.

Hope Park is situated between Derwentwater and Keswick town centre. Walking through it is much more pleasant than driving round the outside! The local parks department looks after it well. It has appeared on this blog previously.

As well as the formal gardens there are crazy golf, a putting green, a bird hide and other activities for families. There are also places to buy ice cream and other refreshments.

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The photos tell their own story. The rabbit seemed quite undisturbed by people.

A lunch stop by Bassenthwaite Lake

On a lovely day in September we stopped in a lay-by and walked to the shore of Bassenthwaite Lake. We didn’t find a comfortable place to eat our picnic. There were a few rocks, but they were hard – by definition! We ate enough to revive our strength and saved the rest for later.

Looking along Bassenthwaite Lake
Looking across Bassenthwaite Lake
Sneezewort and St John’s Wort

I took two photos of the scenery and one of a plant I didn’t recognise. When I learned that it was sneezewort, I remembered that I had sneezed after walking past the white daisy-like flower.

I may have mentioned on this blog that I have been learning the names of lots of wild flowers through participating in a Sunday evening (UK time) Twitter chat – #WildflowerHour. The Tweets may be found using the hashtag. There was also a challenge on Wednesdays to find flowers with wort in the name – #WyrtWednesday.