September 2022 CMMC beginning with P

Cee Neuner’s challenge this week for CMMC (Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge) is for a word beginning with P.

The pyracantha in a tub in our garden had flowers and berries at the same time on 20th September. I have noticed other plants with similar behaviour – honeysuckle, bramble, roses, apple trees and perennial cornflowers all seem to be having late flowers.

Part of a pyracantha bush with path in background
Pyracantha with orange berries and white flowers

August 2022 CMMC Colour White or off-white

For this week’s Midweek Madness Challenge from Cee Neuner (CMMC) I have chosen a photo I took in June. It is a close-up of hogweed flowers with insects. A similar image may have appeared on Twitter with the hashtag #WildWebsWednesday – people tweet their photos of wildlife dependent on plants. Here I noticed mutual dependence; the insects pollinate the flowers.

Whitish flowers with three insects in the foreground and another at the top centre. Background of dark green leaves.
Hogweed flowers with insects

Don’t forget to visit Cee’s blog to see her photos and links to other entries.

July 2022 Pick a topic CMMC

Cee Neuner’s picture today is of women painting pictures in a garden. One of the suggestions for a topic is woman. It just happens I have a post coming out next week on Sue’s Trifles with a picture of a woman. Now should I preview it here or find a picture of a garden? I know: I’ll post a (phone) picture of the Jubilee flower bed in the small park where the woman was.

Jubilee planting with 70 and flags with the Queen's portrait
Jubilee planting with 70 and flags with the Queen’s portrait