December CMMC Pick a topic

The photo for the Cee Neuner’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC) from which to pick a topic has a green reptilian garden ornament. I immediately thought of a green reptilian souvenir brought back by a family member from a trip abroad.

Green chameleon made of fibres wound round a shape. It has a large black beady eyeand is standing on a sheet of white paper on a patterned tabletop.
Madagascan Chameleon

May CMMC Pick a topic from my photo

Cee’s photo is of a street in Oregon City, Oregon. It has many features, which could appear in photos for this prompt. Please click on the link to view Cee’s photos.

My photo is also a townscape. It includes pavements (sidewalks), a street sign, a side street with shops, street lighting and street furniture – in this case bollards rather than parking meters. I took the photo with my phone last month as the spring flowers and blossom caught my eye.

Church grounds with flowers in a town centre