The Sherwood Forester

There was a lot of competition on the platform for a good place to take photos. The service train waiting to continue its journey along the single track blocked the view from the opposite platform.

The steam train only slowed down rather than stopping in the station reducing the photo opportunities even more. My Sony phone freezes action shots, but there is a ‘shadow’ on one of these photos. Hubby did much better this time, both with his position on the station and his camera. (I refused to upgrade to it, so have no real grounds for complaint!)


Which way photo challenge

This is the first time I have taken part in one of  Cee’s photo challenges.


Which way’ is a weekly challenge on a Friday.

It just happened that I was walking along a footpath looking out for different species of grass for a Twitter #wildflowerhour, when I looked up and saw a group of ewes and lambs ahead of me on the path.

Which way would they go? They turned off to their right.

Sheep ahead
Sheep ahead

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

Experimenting on the beach

My Sony phone has a backlight option on its camera, which allows photos taken pointing towards the sun to be more than a blur. the photo I have chosen for this week was taken from a crouching position, looking towards the in-coming tide and the low autumn sunshine. The textures of the sand on the beach and the reflections in the pool of water add to the experimental nature of this composition.

Light, waves, textures and reflections
Light, waves, textures and reflections