On the Hunt for Joy – Week 18 – Make Your Own Rainbows

This week’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge from Cee Neuner is about rainbows and brightly coloured pictures with four or more colours.

Whenever I am at home and notice that it is sunny and raining at the same time, I look out of the windows to see if there is a rainbow. Taking photos through double-glazing is not ideal, but neither is going out in the rain with a phone!

Double rainbow

I have two photos this week. A double rainbow from Boxing Day 2017 (taken through a rain-streaked window) and a brightly coloured cushion I stitched several years ago. It was designed by Kaffe Fassett and came as a tapestry kit. It is no longer a plump cushion – another project to add to my list is refurbishing cushions. I’ll have to remind myself that there is great satisfaction to be gained from completing tasks. It is just starting them that is hard!

Tapestry cushion cover

Spring equinox

This year the spring equinox was 20th March. It was a beautiful day. Our walk on the beach coincided with low-tide, so we took a look at the honeycomb worm reefs mentioned in an earlier post. The light was as good as it gets for photography.

Hubby and I would have been unlikely to realise that these structures on the beach are created by small creatures had it not been for our walk on Allonby beach led by Ann Lingard.

On the Hunt for Joy – Week 12 – An abundance of ordinary things

Cee Neuner’s Challenge this week for On the Hunt for Joy is Create abundance  out of ordinary things. Here in the UK during the pandemic a number of ordinary things are in short supply. However nature is always abundant.

More than twenty years ago the local primary school children planted daffodil bulbs all the way along the verge. This year they have been particularly abundant, but the question is: are they ordinary things?

I took some close-ups as well as the view. One daffodil very helpfully was facing upwards unlike the rest. That made photography of the inside of its trumpet much easier!

One thing which cheered me up this week was the arrival of a small bunch of daffodils on the doorstep after Mothering Sunday, when no services could be held in church buildings. (Unfortunately they trigger my hay fever!) The attached note made us laugh. With love from St …. (strict hand hygiene has been adhered to in preparation and delivery)

Strict hand hygiene!

In case you missed my post about Joy on Sue’s Trifles it is here.