A walk from Seahouses

After the wonderful boat trip we ate our picnic lunch and went for a wander. First we explored a rocky part of the beach. Then we followed a footpath, which turned out to be part of St Cuthbert’s Way and also part of the golf course. There were views to the next bay, where the long waves were rushing in. Leaving the golf course we followed the main road back into Seahouses. We still had plenty of time before our next meal, so we decided to look for a church we had read about on a notice-board.

We walked past a sign which indicated we had left Seahouses and arrived in North Sunderland. Then we passed a graveyard without a church. We turned back a little while later and asked a dog-walker where the parish church was. She sent us even farther from Seahouses!

Once we had looked round the church we debated whether to catch a bus back. According to the timetable on a nearby bus stop one was due. We waited a few minutes before setting off on foot. The bus must have been early, cancelled or very late as we didn’t see it! We had worked up an appetite for our fish and chips in one of Seahouses’ restaurants.

A boat trip around the Farne Islands

We were very fortunate with the weather on our recent short break in Northumberland. We drove to Seahouses after breakfast and booked on the first available boat trip. (At busy times of year it may be better to book in advance.) As it was low tide we had a long walk to the pier through the fenced-off area where major refurbishment of the harbour is taking place.

A few minutes into the ninety minute trip we were alerted to the presence of bottle-nosed dolphins. They were feeding and were not disturbed by the catamaran (Serenity II) we were travelling in.

Later we saw lots of seals. The commentary from the skipper was very informative. We saw a few sea-birds, mainly gulls and shags. The breeding season is the best time for seabirds, but we could see where they nest due to the deposits they had left there!

Surprisingly we even saw a butterfly.

Some of my photos are stills from the short videos I took using my phone. Before the trip I had stated that I wasn’t going to take any photos (due to possible damage to my phone while at sea). Obviously I changed my mind.

A visit to Wallington NT

On a recent short break we made two visits to Wallington, a National Trust property in Northumberland. It was on our route to and from our destination. The advantage of making a journey of a few hours duration, rather than travelling abroad is that the travelling days can become holiday days as well.

We explored the grounds taking the riverside walk to the walled garden on the first visit. This involved crossing the river by stepping stones. As the water-level was low the steps were easily passable. However we did not take the higher route through woods as it was windy.

The photos tell part of the story. (I have not included nature pictures I took.)