April CMMC Letter F at the start or end of the word

For this week’s Midweek Madness challenge from Cee Neuner the photo has to be a word beginning or ending with F.

My main blog Sue’s Trifles has the tagline ‘Tasty writing surprises – non-fattening’. In the UK the course served after the main one is known variously as pudding, dessert, sweet or afters. I don’t cook many puddings, but here is a picture of one, which I am calling ‘food’ for the sake of the challenge.

A sponge pudding with peach slices arranged on the top on a serving plate.
Food – Peach upside-down pudding

On the Hunt for Joy challenge: Remember to hydrate

Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge this week is Remember to hydrate

Water-bottle, stopper, glass and a drink
Water-bottle, stopper, glass and a drink

Had I found this challenge sooner, my glass would have contained apple and raspberry and I’d have used an empty bottle. The glass is not quite large enough to hold all the contents of the glass bottle.

By contrast the water bottle I take out with water in holds a lot of water. If I am only going for a local walk, I measure a glassful of water and pour it into the flask. Water is heavy to carry. A pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter if I remember correctly.

On the Hunt for Joy Challenge – Week 22 – Mix play with everyday

Cee Neuner’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge this week is Mix play with everyday

A pile of games and a dictionary

Almost every day Hubby and I play games and solve puzzles together. The board* games we play most frequently are in the picture. Triominos is another favourite. We haven’t played the one in the biggest box for a long time. Perhaps it should have a new home out of sight.

*Rummikub and Triominos do not have a board, but they are similar traditional games not requiring electricity!