September 2022 CMMC Close up

Cee Neuner’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC) this week is for a close up or macro.

A passionflower on some neighbours’ fence attracts lots of bees, which leave with their backs covered in pollen.

My photo shows a bee (or two) inside a flower.

Passion flower with leaves and tendrils. there are bees inside the flower
Bees inside a passionflower

We’re peeking!

My interpretation of the Peek Photo challenge from the Daily Post is slightly different from the example. Instead of giving you a peek at something half hidden my photo shows a plant, which found its way through a fence in September to give passers-by a peek at its flowers. They were passion flowers.

Passion Flowers
Passion Flowers

Close-up of Passion flowers
Close-up of Passion flowers

A late friend of my mother used to cultivate one of these and could explain how it came to have its name.