On the Hunt for Joy – Week 18 – Make Your Own Rainbows

This week’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge from Cee Neuner is about rainbows and brightly coloured pictures with four or more colours.

Whenever I am at home and notice that it is sunny and raining at the same time, I look out of the windows to see if there is a rainbow. Taking photos through double-glazing is not ideal, but neither is going out in the rain with a phone!

Double rainbow

I have two photos this week. A double rainbow from Boxing Day 2017 (taken through a rain-streaked window) and a brightly coloured cushion I stitched several years ago. It was designed by Kaffe Fassett and came as a tapestry kit. It is no longer a plump cushion – another project to add to my list is refurbishing cushions. I’ll have to remind myself that there is great satisfaction to be gained from completing tasks. It is just starting them that is hard!

Tapestry cushion cover

On the Hunt for Joy – Week 14 – Switch it up

When I read the title of this challenge, ahead of  Cee Neuner’s post illustrating it, I had no idea what was required to ‘switch it up’. Cee’s example is to change the arrangement of an interior.

As I have no suitable interior photos I have looked out some showing the grounds of a church, which are looked after by the local parks department. As the seasons change, some of the beds are replanted to give a display at a later date. There are spring bulbs, bedding plants and wallflowers at different times. I have two photos of the same area of the gardens in November and June to illustrate this. The flowers brighten the dullest days.
The first photo has appeared on this blog previously.

St Nicholas Gardens – wallflowers

On the Hunt for Joy – Week 8 – Wear Bright Clothes on Tough Days

Cee Neuner’s theme for Week 8 of the On the Hunt for Joy Challenge is Wear Bright Clothes on Tough Days

I was surprised as a teenager attending an evening event at school, when one of my classmates, perhaps seeing me for the first time dressed other than in uniform remarked, ‘You like bright colours, don’t you?”

Colour is very important to me, whether bright or not so bright.

For this week’s challenge I considered taking photos of some of my clothes, but then I passed the window of a charity (thrift) shop. The display was from Valentine’s Day the previous week. The red dress, most of which I left out of the photo, was eye-catching. As for the red shoes and other accessories…

… I couldn’t resist stopping in the rain to take a snap!

Valentine’s Day display