On the Hunt for Joy challenge: Remember to hydrate

Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge this week is Remember to hydrate

Water-bottle, stopper, glass and a drink
Water-bottle, stopper, glass and a drink

Had I found this challenge sooner, my glass would have contained apple and raspberry and I’d have used an empty bottle. The glass is not quite large enough to hold all the contents of the glass bottle.

By contrast the water bottle I take out with water in holds a lot of water. If I am only going for a local walk, I measure a glassful of water and pour it into the flask. Water is heavy to carry. A pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter if I remember correctly.


On the Hunt for Joy – Week 20  – Let a child decorate

Cee Neuneer’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge this week is Let a kid decorate. Being British and perhaps old-fashioned I have changed the title from kid to child!

Sometimes it is impossible to prevent children and young people from making their mark somewhere. Around the village decorated pebbles have multiplied. Many youngsters must have been busy!

This time my photos are of sandstone rocks on the beach. A few years ago the two rocks used to be one. I can remember the time we went to the beach and found that a large rock had split during a storm. The subsequent storms and normal tides have separated the two parts of the rock. Here in Britain we have been encouraging our key workers in the National Health Service (NHS) by clapping at 8pm on Thursdays and with rainbows displayed in windows.

The artwork on the rocks is by person or persons unknown, although someone called George may be a suspect. (The flat rock has a face with that name lightly scratched on the surface.)

The bee is a local symbol and it just happens that today (20 May) is #WorldBeeDay.