A visit to Wallington NT

On a recent short break we made two visits to Wallington, a National Trust property in Northumberland. It was on our route to and from our destination. The advantage of making a journey of a few hours duration, rather than travelling abroad is that the travelling days can become holiday days as well.

We explored the grounds taking the riverside walk to the walled garden on the first visit. This involved crossing the river by stepping stones. As the water-level was low the steps were easily passable. However we did not take the higher route through woods as it was windy.

The photos tell part of the story. (I have not included nature pictures I took.)



Some churches

This week I have too much choice of material to use for a blog post and too little time to do it justice. So instead of a post about one place I am gathering together some photos on a theme. We have visited all these churches in the past fortnight. It is interesting to see the difference that sunlight makes to the appearance of buildings. Sometimes it is impossible to be far enough away to fit the whole building into the shot.

A visit to Cragside

During a short break in Northumberland we spent an afternoon at Cragside. This extensive National Trust property is home to the first residence to have electric light from hydroelectricity.

It was our second visit to Cragside. On our first visit some-teen years ago we had been unable to enter the house due to staff shortages. This time the arrangements were completely different. Unguided access to the house was permitted. As it was a damp day being indoors was a popular option!
Fortunately the weather improved as the day went on. After exploring the house and being impressed by its former owner’s ingenuity we had a late picnic lunch. Then we followed the signs to the labyrinth.

I was sure that labyrinth now means a single path with only one route through it. This labyrinth turned out to be a maze. We entered through one archway and left (after being directed by other explorers) by another. The nearby carriageway helped us find our bearings and return to the house. Then we had a walk through the rock garden to the iron bridge and back to the car park via a path, which turned out not to be a short cut.

There were lots of fungi. My pictures of those are littering Twitter under the hashtag #WildWebsWednesday.

Instead of driving directly to the exit we followed the carriageway for six miles around the estate.