A favourite tourist destination

The photos I have chosen for the Favourites photo challenge are two I have not shared previously. They were taken on an overcast afternoon in August. The town is perhaps one of the most visited in England – Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Can you spot the helicopter? It rather spoils one of the photos.

I wish all my readers peace and joy at Christmas.


What to focus on

This week’s challenge from the Daily Post is Focus (or out of focus).

My camera phone does not always focus on the right thing – right meaning the thing I had intended to capture. An example is this photo of an old station drinking fountain in the West Cumberland Railway Museum.

Drinking fountain with cup
Drinking fountain with cup

To me the important parts were the writing on the fountain, “KEEP THE PLATFORM DRY”, and the drinking cup. In fact the lettering on the adjacent sign is crisper.

How often do we focus on the wrong things in life, I wonder?

Order restored

This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post is Order with the emphasis on neatness.

I noticed a building, which was once in a very poor state of repair. The slate roof is completely regular now, as are the windows. It could be an example of bringing order from chaos!

A renovated building
A renovated building

Advertising board“Order! Order!” may soon be heard again in the UK Parliament once it resumes after the General Election.  That is a request for good behaviour or (orderliness) among the newly elected members..