5 of my best photos from November 2020

With the second lockdown having begun in England on 5 November there is no opportunity for trips to different places. So I have picked out 5 recent photos to share here. I hope they demonstrate the diversity* of places within walking distance of home. (* links to a summery post)

The pond dried up completely in the summer, but has been filled by recent storms.

The lonning was refurbished earlier this year and the plant-life alongside it is growing well, filling any patches of bare earth.

I can remember when the ‘bite out of the cliff’ was a circular hole. It changes every year.

Remembrance Sunday was a dull day with rain later.

Wood on a beach

Beaches are usually sand or pebbles. Sometimes there are other things on a beach. The tides recently uncovered some wood on the beach. I have heard that a prehistoric forest is sometimes exposed. There are also the remains of supports for a telegraph system to the Isle of Man.

My knowledge of this is very limited, but here are some photos.

Recovery from a wildfire

In June 2018 there was a wildfire on the cliffs at St Bees. I wrote about it one year on. The photos in this post are from approximately two years after the fire. The grasses and bracken are the first to have recovered. Foxglove is a biennial plant and it is noticeable that there are some in flower now. Seeds may remain in the soil and germinate at different times. Some gorse bushes, which were partly burned seem to be recovering, but the charred remains of others are a reminder of the history.