A lunch stop by Bassenthwaite Lake

On a lovely day in September we stopped in a lay-by and walked to the shore of Bassenthwaite Lake. We didn’t find a comfortable place to eat our picnic. There were a few rocks, but they were hard – by definition! We ate enough to revive our strength and saved the rest for later.

Looking along Bassenthwaite Lake
Looking across Bassenthwaite Lake
Sneezewort and St John’s Wort

I took two photos of the scenery and one of a plant I didn’t recognise. When I learned that it was sneezewort, I remembered that I had sneezed after walking past the white daisy-like flower.

I may have mentioned on this blog that I have been learning the names of lots of wild flowers through participating in a Sunday evening (UK time) Twitter chat – #WildflowerHour. The Tweets may be found using the hashtag. There was also a challenge on Wednesdays to find flowers with wort in the name – #WyrtWednesday.


On the water

For this post I decided to share some photos I have taken during October. Some were taken through the windows of trains crossing the River Thames. The others were taken during and after a visit to The Beacon Museum in Whitehaven, where hubby and I visited an exhibition of sea paintings and another about World War I. We are looking forward to the exhibition of Wildlife Photographs, which begins later in November.

A changing coastline

Some photos from two days in September 2018 show the state of the cliffs beside a path I sometimes use when the tide is too high for a walk along the beach. The path has been moving progressively inland. In some pictures there are fence posts from its earlier boundaries. New fences and signs have been erected to redirect people, who may have continued to use the old path, after it was diverted.

I am including links to some of my previous posts with photos of the same are for comparison.

Some of the pictures in a post from 2015 are of similar views

A fenced off path also has altered since almost two years ago.