Y is for Yucca

This is my post for the letter Y in the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge.  My theme is plants.

None of the gardens belonging to places I have lived have boasted a yucca.  A neighbour in the next street had one in her front garden, when I was a child.  Being determined to have a photo of a yucca for my Y post, I was being vigilant as I travelled around, waiting for the flowering season of this unusual plant.

There is one in a garden on the edge of the next town, but no opportunity to snap it.

The plants here in Northern England mostly flower later than farther south as was the case with my L post.

I was about to go to Kent and was hopeful that my quest for a photo would be successful there.

On arrival in Kent Mum and I went to look around the grounds and I found a yucca.  It was in flower, but past its best.  I took a photo while the weather was fine and before all the flowers fell off.

Yucca at Burrswood
Yucca at Burrswood

Later that week we visited some gardens nearby and there were some wonderful examples of yuccas.

Yucca at Groombridge Place
Yucca at Groombridge Place

On my return I told a few people about my quest and the outcome.  Some were unaware that these plants flower.  Others had difficulty with my accent.  I prefer the northern U sound to ŭ.  (My yucca rhymes with a southerner’s “book a”, whereas a southern accent sounds like “buck a”.)

How do you pronounce Yucca?

There are very short posts on Sue’s Trifles for the A to Z in April Challenge.


A to Z theme reveal

The A to Z theme reveal is a blogging event, where participants in the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge reveal the theme they have chosen. (It is not necessary to have a theme in order to take part in the challenge.)

On Mayday 2015 I went round the garden with my phone camera snapping plants beginning with different letters of the alphabet. During the year I added more photos to my collection. Some of the letters required more planning. I hope you will enjoy reading about the plants as well as looking at the photos.
The first six posts were originally written for a different A to Z challenge. I have shortened them for the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge.

To encourage you to follow my A to Z posts here is a photo of a plant, which I am not including in the posts for the challenge.

A spectacular bloom
A spectacular bloom

It was growing on a shrub at Groombridge Place in Kent. Do you know what it is?

Telling the time

Clock in The Pantiles
Clock in The Pantiles

The Daily Post photo challenge is for a Circle.

My best photo of a circle is one I took in August last year.  On a short visit to the historic town of Tunbridge Wells in Kent, I explored the oldest street – The Pantiles.

I thought it was named after the style of tiles used to build the roofs of the shops, but Wikipedia claims it was from the original paving slabs that it was named.

The circle in my photo is the clock-face.  This photo first appeared on this blog as part of a compilation here.