A wildflower walk

At the beginning of May hubby and I went for a walk along a country lane, along a footpath at the edge of some fields and near the sea. There was a huge variety of wild flowers and I snapped many different species. I have attempted to identify the flowers, but I am only an amateur botanist with some reference books. If a flower needs a two-word  name, I have mostly missed the adjective. More accurate identification is welcome in the comments.

There is a plant with umbelliferous flowers, which has different leaves from cow parsley. I have labelled it, ‘Not cow parsley’ – just to be going on with! Another flower, which I cannot identify, has been posted to Twitter for help. I need to research it further and look at the leaves properly. (The one in my photo is in an area,where the grass is kept short, so I may miss the seeds. Next time I am there it could have been cropped!)

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