A Walk on Mothering Sunday

I am linking this post to the Daily Post’s photo challenge, It is easy being green.

The king cups are just coming into bloom in the wildflower garden, which is open to the public. Last year’s growth of tall annual stems has recently been strimmed. There is new growth appearing among the remaining dead stuff.

The pond is covered in green weed. Iris leaves are a different shade of green. Celandine flowers are yellow in the speckled sunlight. Ivy on the wall makes dark patches, which at first sight could be mistaken for gaps.

On the beach there were pools left by the tide. Seaweed in various shades of green and brown could be seen.

I also took two photos of a cautionary nature. Cliffs are battered by wind and waves in stormy weather. There is a footpath along the top of the cliffs. Anyone straying from it for a better view would not be able to see where the overhang begins. The grassy edge of the cliff is unsupported. The final photo has no green. The boulders on the beach originated much higher on the cliffs. As the sandy soil has been washed away, huge stones have fallen from various heights. Can you see the large white stone high up? I don’t know when it will fall to join the others below it. Cliff edges are dangerous, both from above and from below.

Spring greens

This week’s challenge from the Daily post is It is easy being Green. This is not necessarily about the politics of Green Parties, but about the springtime hues. A gallery is suggested.

This seems to me like a good time to post my flowery photos from the month of March. While they all have green on them I have been enjoying the other colours – yellow, pink, blue and white.

Anticipating a spectacular floral display

The photo challenge from the Daily Post is Anticipation. At this time of year I, like many other people, am anticipating Christmas. I am later than usual with this post due to activities connected with Christmas. The weekend was filled up with a family visit and the service of Nine Lessons and Carols.

On our travels we spotted some plants pointing towards the future. At this time of year many Mahonia plants are already in full flower. For the one I snapped in the car park of a popular garden centre in Ambleside, the best is yet to come.