August CMMC pick a topic

This week Cee Neuner’s midweek madness challenge is to pick a topic from a photo posted on Cee’s Photo Challenges.

This week Cee has a flower with a tape measure on sand. I have picked a photo I took earlier this week of a large sand-coloured fungus. It appears every year at about this time on a sycamore tree, being specific to trees in the maple family. Its common name is Dryad’s Saddle (Polyporus squamosus) according to The Observer’s Book of Mushrooms and Other Common Fungi (1978 edition).

Three layers of a sand-coloured fungus with brown markings on a tree with scaly bark
Dryad’s saddle fungus

Last year I posted other photos of this fungus and its host tree.

The woods near Derwentwater

This is the second in a series of posts with photos from a day in September. We parked in a National Trust car park, where there are picnic benches. A robin entertained us while we finished our lunch.

Then we explored a more direct path towards Keswick than our usual route. There were beautiful trees and bushes. The trees included oaks, beech, sycamore and other deciduous trees. Posting my phone photos so long after they were taken, I am uncertain of the identity of the trees, which I would recognise in the woods.


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Rather than tell the story of our day in a time-line, I have grouped photos from similar areas. The first three (A woodland tree, Guelder rose and Beside Derwentwater) are from early afternoon and the rest from our walk back to the car later. Future posts will include the lake and a park in Keswick. Both have featured on this blog before. However the scenery changes with the seasons and with the variation of sunlight during a single day.

I spotted the sticker on a bramble leaf. Someone had visited a National Trust property (Allan Bank at Grasmere) and disposed of their sticker in a cheeky manner. Being paper it will rot down eventually, but it would have been better to put it in a bin.