Wordsworth House and Cockermouth

Earlier this month hubby and I went to have another look at the exhibition at Wordsworth House in Cockermouth. We also had a good look round the garden, which has recovered well from the floods of December 2015, due mostly to the hard work of the head gardener and her team. On a short tour of the house we learned some things which we hadn’t heard on a previous tour.

Afterwards we had a walk along the river, more or less retracing the route we had taken on a visit last year. The river was flowing quite quickly.

Exploring Carlisle

On a sunny Saturday in May, I had some spare time before a meeting in Carlisle. I took some more photos of Carlisle Cathedral. Walking through the garden at Tullie House I was impressed by the flowers, trees and shrubs.

Taking a photo from a bridge I confirmed that I do not like heights!

Carlisle Castle
Carlisle Castle

Then I explored Bitts Park for the first time. It consists of parkland, formal gardens, a memorial garden and a children’s playground. The River Eden runs through it. Being aware of the devastating floods in this area in December 2015, I was surprised by the low level of the river after a few weeks of dry weather.


A day out in the Lake District (Part 3 Ash Landing)

On our way to Hill Top we had noticed a sign saying Ash Landing Nature Reserve. We decided to explore it on our way back. It is a National Trust property with a number of different habitats. There are signs with pictures of various species to look out for and additional information.

I noticed some flowers on an oak tree and stopped to take a photo. There was a rustling noise in the undergrowth. I waited quietly and was delighted to see a red squirrel. It ran across the path and disappeared. I continued along the path, heard another noise and spotted (presumably) the same red squirrel as it bounded under a fence and up the side of a field.

There was plenty of bird song, but the birds were hard to spot. I saw a robin!