A woodland walk

On a mission to find fruits and berries for #wildflowerhour we drove a couple of miles to a spot popular with anglers. (The general public may not go near the water!)

Here are a few snaps of things which caught my eye. The speckled wood butterflies all flew away just as I was about to catch them on camera!

With thanks to #wildflowerhour on Twitter for identification of some of the plants in this post.


Wildlife in our garden (Part 2)

An earlier post described some of the larger visitors to our garden.

There are lots of insects in our garden in summer. Our flowers attract bees, wasps and hover-flies. There are also caterpillars, leather jackets, which become crane flies (also known as Daddy-long-legs), flies, butterflies and moths.

Spiders are arachnids rather than insects. Garden spiders and harvest spiders are the most common, although we sometimes see money spiders and some spiders which jump. The biggest spiders we find are house spiders. We catch them in a box and put them outside! Slugs and two kinds of snails are also garden residents.

We found the leaf-cutter bees, which set up their home in our garden very interesting. I wrote about them here.

My photos are of the more interesting ones we saw in 2018. They are from May, July and August. Some have been cropped to enlarge the image, which reduces the resolution.

Can you name any of the species?

So far I have identified a brimstone moth (yellow) and a poplar hawk-moth caterpillar. The hawk-moth caterpillars all have a horn at the rear end. The pale brown underwings belong to a blue butterfly.

My next post will be about the wildlife we have noticed this year.

Photography at the local flower show

Last Saturday was extremely busy. It was the local flower show and the church choir had been asked to sing at a wedding. Fairly early in the morning I took thirteen photos to the flower show and entered them in the appropriate classes. There were six to choose from:

  1. Capturing a season in nature
  2. A garden of flowers
  3. Mirror image
  4. Village landmark
  5. My favourite tree
  6. Insect.

Then I went to choir practice and the wedding service, which was lovely. I knew the bride when she was a child. After lunch I went back to the flower show, which is perhaps the social highlight of the summer here. I was delighted to have won two first prizes and a third prize. These are the original photos, which won. The portrait view won the 3rd prize. For the 4″ x 6″ prints I had to crop them slightly. (The classes in which I was successful were numbers 2-4 above.)

Walled garden, Scargill House
Tree and Melbreak
Parish church