Birds near Derwentwater

These photos were taken on the same day as the oak tree in the previous post. Most of the birds are water birds on or near Derwentwater. However I cannot remember visiting the area without seeing lots of robins. I have pictures of two, but one of them is rather camouflaged. Swans are notorious for putting their heads under the water just as the shutter opens! There were lots of ducks and geese. We saw geese swimming, flying and walking.



The shorter route I mentioned in the second of these four blog posts about a day out in September led us to the side of Derwentwater. I took a few photos near Keswick in the early afternoon and many more on the walk back to the car park after 4pm. Most of them are views of the lake. A few are of the scenery looking inland. One crag, which appears in my photos, has changed since then. A large piece of rock, described as being the size of a bungalow, broke free and smashed on the ground during the last week of November.

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There were a few ducks swimming in a quiet part of the lake. One of them did not match any pictures in my bird books. I asked on Twitter and learned that it was a cross between a farm duck and a mallard.

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The post introducing the Monochromatic challenge indicated that photos with a restricted colour palette were eligible.

Ducks (original)
Ducks (original)

On the way across the river after another visit to Wordsworth House in Cockermouth, I noticed there were seven well-camouflaged mallard ducks on a support of the footbridge.  It was an awkward shot to take.  I could not see over the railings and the gaps between them were rather small.  In the end I took it by accident.  I am posting the original and the cropped shot.  which do you prefer?

Ducks (cropped)
Ducks (cropped)