A house guest’s details (more than 1 photo)

Two photos I have taken for this week’s challenge, Details, from the Daily Post are close-ups of our house guest. I am also putting these in context.


Really close up
Really close up

Close up
Close up

Taken with Sue's phone
Taken with Sue’s phone


Visiting English Heritage sites – Castlerigg Stone Circle

As part of an outing in and around Keswick we stopped off at Castlerigg Stone Circle to take some photos.  As far as I can remember this was only my second visit to this amazing site.  The first time I was distracted as our children were young .  This time I could take as long as I wished to admire the panoramic views and the prehistoric standing stones.

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Clouds add atmosphere and interest to any view. The day was dry but overcast.  In one photo a hillside is spot-lit through a gap in the clouds.  I did not attempt a photo of the entire circle with my phone camera.  It works better for close-ups.  The sheep were oblivious of their privileged location.

One of my hobbyhorses is that people ignore signs asking them to keep dogs on leads.  Earlier in the day I had seen a National Trust sign saying, “Lambing season keep dogs on leads”.  Although I live within sight of sheep in fields, it took me a little while to realise that in October the ewes are already pregnant and this constitutes part of the lambing season.

Warning: The road leading to the site is narrow and steep.  Proceed with caution, whether in a vehicle or on foot!

If you are looking to visit a stone circle at the other end of England this post may help. It is by another blogger.