September 2022 CMMC Pick a topic

Today Cee Neuner asks us to pick a topic from her photo for the Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC). Her photo has blue sky with white clouds, a treetop and foliage. My photo taken on Monday afternoon (19 September) has treetops in the foreground of a landscape with clouds and a little blue sky.

Landscape picture with sky, mountains, foothills, buildings and trees
Cumbrian mountains

July 2022 Pick a topic CMMC

Cee Neuner’s picture today is of women painting pictures in a garden. One of the suggestions for a topic is woman. It just happens I have a post coming out next week on Sue’s Trifles with a picture of a woman. Now should I preview it here or find a picture of a garden? I know: I’ll post a (phone) picture of the Jubilee flower bed in the small park where the woman was.

Jubilee planting with 70 and flags with the Queen's portrait
Jubilee planting with 70 and flags with the Queen’s portrait