An autumn walk in Croydon

On an overcast afternoon we set out on foot with a map and found one of Croydon’s open spaces – Lloyd Park. It had been very wet; some of the paths were muddy. That doesn’t trouble us near home as we wear walking boots, but we had travelled light.

Here are a few photos. One oak tree was more autumnal than most of the other trees.

A walk in Croydon

On Easter Sunday afternoon hubby and I went exploring in Croydon. I had studied a street map and worked out how to reach an open space. We skirted the park on the footpaths and looked for wild flowers. It was rather hot for the time of year, but more pleasant away from main roads.

There were people out enjoying the sunshine and the spring flowers, but I avoided them in my photos. I found at least two species of wildflowers which were new to me. (Help with identification of the cranesbill and the tree would be appreciated.)

Street art

This week’s photo challenge from the Daily post is a piece of art.

I spotted a new piece of art on a gable end as I was riding on a bus. The following day I was just about near enough to snap it.  From the bus to the station on my way home I spotted many more pieces of art, but that was too late for this challenge. You may view more here.

Toy street art
Toy street art