September pick a topic CMMC

Cee Neuner’s Midweek Madness Challenge this week is to pick a topic from the photo posted as inspiration. Don’t forget to have a look at it!

The colours in the photo include grey and brown. On a walk along the cliffs we spotted some beach art using pebbles and seaweed. The wind was strong enough to blow me about as I attempted to take photos using the zoom facility on my camera. The one I am posting here is the best of the batch I took.

Pebbles on the beach look predominantly grey.  A spiral ending in an arrow outlined in red sandstone pebbles and brown seaweed had been constructed.
Beach art

September CMMC close-up or macro

For Cee Neuner’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC) this week a close-up or macro is required. I took this photo towards the end of August (24th) when blackberries were ripening on the brambles.

Don’t forget to visit Cee’s blog for more photos and links to other participants’ blogs.

Leaves and dark and red berries

August CMMC Two Ms in the word

Cee Neuner’s challenge this week for the CMMC (Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge) is for a photo of something with the letter M twice in the word. I hadn’t thought of anything more exciting than a finger post giving directions to a swimming pool, but the post I have scheduled for Friday this week gave me another idea.

I have to apologise for my word having an extra M!

Train commemorating 100 years of the RAF

This train in commemorative livery will appear with a steam train in my next post. The livery (paintwork) is 3 years old as it commemorates an event in 1918.

Many thanks to Cee for featuring my fungus for last week’s challenge.