Up and down Black Combe

The weather forecast for the North West of England was for heavy rain, but we had arranged to meet a younger member of our family to climb a hill we had only ever seen in the distance.

Black Combe has appeared in many of my photos (including the one below) as a distant recognisable fell. It usually looks dark against the sky.

Black Combe in the far distance
Will it rain?
Looking North

There were ominous clouds as we set out. We decided to eat our picnic lunch early rather than risk waiting until it rained.

We reached the summit in mist or low cloud. My photos from there are not worth the storage space on my blog!

Surprisingly on the way down the weather improved. We enjoyed views including the Isle of Man and the offshore windfarm.

Blue sky to the west
On the way down
Looking back to the summit
The coastal plain and view towards Barrow-in-Furness

These photos from our walk show the changeable weather. It was very cold in the low cloud and became rather warm later in the afternoon. Fortunately we were suitably equipped for the weather.