Two bridges

This week’s challenge from the Daily Post is about bridges or connections. My photo includes two bridges. The footbridge connects a public path to one belonging to a school. It provides a safe route and a good view of the beck. The bridge in the background takes the road over the beck and has a narrow pavement on one side only.

Two bridges
Two bridges

I stood on the footbridge to take a photo of a sycamore tree, which I have as my pinned tweet (at present).

Fête accomplie

This week the photo challenge from the Daily Post is  Transient.

Many towns and villages around the UK are decorated with bunting for a short time in summer to enhance a particular occasion, such as a fête or gala.

I took one photo shortly after the bunting had been put up and another the day I heard it was going to be taken down. It was there for less than 2 weeks.

Telegraph wires and bunting
Permanent and transient lines