Unlikely to be appreciated

A misshapen knitted sheep
A misshapen knitted sheep

A few years ago I knitted a sheep. Knitting toys perhaps requires more skill than knitting garments. It is unlikely that anyone would appreciate my sheep as a gift, so I have kept the poor thing!

The photo challenge from the Daily Post is Unlikely.



On the right lines

The photo I have chosen for the Lines challenge from the Daily Post has many, many lines. The refurbishment of the roof at Carlisle station was almost complete, when I was waiting for a train before Easter. I was under an awning, which showed the “before”, whereas the main roof was “after”.

Most of the lines of the roof are straight, but the railway lines follow a curved path through the station.

Carlisle station
Carlisle station


A gentle awakening

I have selected five photos to document nature awakening this year. All except one are of flowers. The exception is of the activity around a rookery as the birds prepared their nests. The sequence begins with the winter aconites from January.

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The challenge from the Daily post is Awakening. 

The featured photo is of a fern unfolding. This is a subject I blogged about in an earlier post.