On the right lines

The photo I have chosen for the Lines challenge from the Daily Post has many, many lines. The refurbishment of the roof at Carlisle station was almost complete, when I was waiting for a train before Easter. I was under an awning, which showed the “before”, whereas the main roof was “after”.

Most of the lines of the roof are straight, but the railway lines follow a curved path through the station.

Carlisle station
Carlisle station



Carlisle Cathedral

Sometimes it is nice to travel and explore. My photos for this week’s photo challenge, Wanderlust, were taken towards the end of March, when I spent some time wandering around the cathedral grounds after travelling for more than an hour by train. In the sunshine I noticed features of the architecture, which I had missed previously. I took close-ups rather than trying to fit the whole of the impressive building into a single snap.

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