A walk around Ennerdale Water

When we decided to go walking in Ennerdale our original plan was a walk, a picnic, a walk back and a visit to an art exhibition at The Gather at Ennerdale Bridge.

What actually happened was a leisurely walk with lots of stops to take photos, a picnic, a decision to continue all around the lake, an accidental fall, arriving back at the car park after The Gather had closed. Oh, and a chat with a dog-walker, which resulted in a possible attendance at a social event in the autumn. This time it was my turn to fall. I tripped because I was looking sideways at the scenery and missed a hazard on the path. Fortunately I could walk the last few hundred yards to the car park. Note to self: look where you are going!

It was the first time we had walked all the way round the lake. It is the sort of walk, where it is possible to see more or less how far there still is to go and how far to go back. There were two points at which going on seemed hazardous, but going back was too far. At Angler’s Crag the path is steep with loose stones and there is a steep rocky outcrop to climb down (or up if going the opposite way, although if we do this again, we’ll find a higher route). At the weir engineering work was in progress. It occurred to us that if the heavy machinery broke the bridge, we would have a long way to go back! Of course the work had been well-planned and the bridge was still there for us to cross.


Glowing colours

Lines from a very popular hymn are,

He made their glowing colours,
He made their tiny wings.

The preceding lines are about flowers and birds. The lines came into my head as I was looking for a photo to use for the Glow photo challenge from the Daily Post. I noticed that red admiral butterflies are colourful and have tiny wings! They were enjoying the Michaelmas daisies.

Red admiral butterfly in flight
Red admiral butterfly in flight

The hymn is All things bright and beautiful. (Words by Cecil Frances Alexander)

Tiny sunbathers

This week’s photo challenge is tiny or miniature.  I have chosen two photos of tiny creatures enjoying the autumn sunshine.

I  published a post about butterflies in September.

During the half term holiday at the end of October there were some mild sunny days.  I managed to snap a red admiral butterfly and a small beetle, which we call a ladybird here in the UK.  It had just landed and  its wing cases are not fully closed.

Red Admiral butterfly
Red Admiral butterfly