May 2022 Pick a topic CMMC challenge

This week the Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC) is for a topic from her photo.

Cee’s photo is of a business behind railings. Windows feature strongly.

My photo was taken on my phone for a Twitter hashtag #FingerpostFriday. I wasn’t satisfied with it for that purpose, but it does include several of the same features as Cee’s photo including notices with lettering. You have seen it here first!

Black direction signs, windows, railings and notices

December colour CMMC My favourite colour

This week’s challenge fro Cee Neuner for the Midweek Madness Challenge CMMC is for my favourite colour. There isn’t really any colour I like best. Red, orange, and bright colours are among my favourites. I often wear purple now. In my youth I often wore red.

My photo is of my favourite colour for painted walls. Notice the weather vane on the neighbouring chimney. I also like the colour of unpainted red sandstone as in the foreground.

Street scene

Some churches

This week I have too much choice of material to use for a blog post and too little time to do it justice. So instead of a post about one place I am gathering together some photos on a theme. We have visited all these churches in the past fortnight. It is interesting to see the difference that sunlight makes to the appearance of buildings. Sometimes it is impossible to be far enough away to fit the whole building into the shot.