Layers on land, sea and sky

A view at low tide
A view at low tide

The photo I have chosen for this challenge from the Daily Post about layers of texture is a very recent one. There were many different sorts of clouds that day. Clouds are three-dimensional consisting of droplets of moisture in irregular layers.

The tide was out, so that layers could be seen: deep water, shallow water, wet sand, shingle, concrete.

In the distance there is a hill, which has more layers.


Catching the wave

This week’s challenge from the Daily Post is for something that is against the odds.

I use my Sony phone to take photos. Although I have been using it to take hundreds of photos, I have not yet discovered how to remove the shutter delay function. So I touch the screen and a second or two later a picture is taken. There is much uncertainty about how a picture of a moving object will turn out.

There was a swell on the sea just after high tide with waves breaking as they reached the shore. My first picture captured some spray. Fewer than half my photos from the same day had any real breakers and only one in four had large ones. So to achieve an interesting photo at the first attempt was against the odds.

A breaking wave
A breaking wave

A favourite walk at sunset

The evenings are much shorter at the end of August than around the summer solstice.  We decided to have a look at the setting sun over the sea, which entailed climbing a hill.  The footpath was surprisingly busy, but the weather was very pleasant.

Here are a few photos selected from many more I took.  I am linking to Quest again.