August 2022 CMMC pick a topic

For this week’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC), Cee Neuner has posted a photo of a boat for us to pick a topic. I have chosen a photo with several boats, which I took in July using my phone.

On left is a pier with bollards. There are other boats alongside the next pier including a luxury boat.  There are gulls on the water in the foreground. More masts are visible beyond the pier. A cloudy sky.
Boats in Whitehaven Harbour

October CMMC Letter Q or U in the word

Cee Neuner’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC) this week is for something with the letter Q or the letter U. Do visit Cee’s blog to see her photos and links to other participants’ photos.

Whitehaven harbour has a number of quays, which have names including Sugar Tongue – a reference to the cargo which was unloaded there in times past. Now the harbour is used for fishing and leisure.

View of Whitehaven Harbour
One of the quays at Whitehaven Harbour

My photo was taken with my phone on a bright day in October. There is a lot to look at. In the foreground is a juvenile gull and a sculpture C2C marking the start of the Coast to Coast cycle route. The wavy line and the crow’s nest were part of a regeneration scheme for the harbour. In the background older buildings around the harbour are visible. It was a perfect day for reflections. I was there to look at the swans.

On the water

For this post I decided to share some photos I have taken during October. Some were taken through the windows of trains crossing the River Thames. The others were taken during and after a visit to The Beacon Museum in Whitehaven, where hubby and I visited an exhibition of sea paintings and another about World War I. We are looking forward to the exhibition of Wildlife Photographs, which begins later in November.