On the Hunt for Joy – Week 9 – Shop your home

This week’s photo challenge from Cee Neuner is to find items around the home and create a still-life. I found some birds in two different rooms and on a total of four surfaces. A table napkin placed on the kitchen table made a background. Out of the four photos I took (one with natural light and three with the fluorescent light on) I am posting the first and the last.

From above
On the level

It is interesting to notice the reflections on the owl’s head. The kitchen window and the fluorescent light can both be seen on the second photo. I took the first one standing and looking down. The intermediate photos led to some rearrangement before I arrived at the final one, taken sitting at the table. (I had to straighten this photo!)

I enjoyed the experiment in which no birds were hurt! Observant viewers of this post may notice wild flowers too.

I am posting for the challenge on Saturday this week instead of my usual style of post.

Wallington NT revisited

We broke our journey home at Wallington, where it was a National Heritage Open Day. When we arrived the person checking membership cards said, “You can come again.”

I replied, “We have; we were here on Saturday!”

As the house did not open until noon we went to the wildlife hide and spent some time watching the birds.

The area around the hide was well-stocked with bird-food, attracting lots of birds. Unfortunately my phone was not ideal for this sort of photography, so I have only one picture to share. (I have also mentioned our bird-watching experience in a post on Sue’s Trifles.)

I took a few pictures in the house, which is a fascinating building containing many interesting items. The ones which caught my eye were of flowers and owls as I have friends, who are also interested in these.

We had time for another walk in the grounds after looking round the house. There is plenty to do both at Wallington and Cragside for many visits.

A gentle awakening

I have selected five photos to document nature awakening this year. All except one are of flowers. The exception is of the activity around a rookery as the birds prepared their nests. The sequence begins with the winter aconites from January.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The challenge from the Daily post is Awakening. 

The featured photo is of a fern unfolding. This is a subject I blogged about in an earlier post.