A gentle awakening

I have selected five photos to document nature awakening this year. All except one are of flowers. The exception is of the activity around a rookery as the birds prepared their nests. The sequence begins with the winter aconites from January.

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The challenge from the Daily post is Awakening. 

The featured photo is of a fern unfolding. This is a subject I blogged about in an earlier post.



How to be dense

This week’s photo challenge from the Daily post is Dense.

On a sunny day when the tide was out I took two photos of closely packed barnacles and limpets on a rock. I held my phone closer to the rock for one of the photos.

Earlier in the year I had noticed some birds, which were perhaps confused by the sea mist. Although it was early afternoon, they began to gather on the wires as if it were time to roost for the night. In the UK we use the word, dense, to mean not bright.

Dense mist and densely packed birds
Dense mist and densely packed birds

The birds were bird-brained. The day was dull. I can’t claim that the photographer was particularly bright either!

I have perhaps been neglecting the words on Sue’s words and pictures, but this time a few words are working hard with more than one meaning.

Waiting to be fed

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is dinnertime.

I was on my way home at lunchtime today, when I saw a friend staring into a bush.  She hadn’t spotted, what she was looking for, but I did.

The light was from the wrong direction and I didn’t want to walk all around the bush possibly disturbing the subject of the photo, which was perhaps waiting for its own dinner to arrive –by pigeon post!

Wood pigeon on nest
Wood pigeon on nest
Detail from the photo of a wood pigeon on its nest.
Detail from the photo of a wood pigeon on its nest.