Battered beach and crumbling cliffs

The effects of the elements on the man-made and natural scenery at the beach are an obvious interpretation of the theme of this challenge from Krista and the Daily Post

The breakwaters or groynes take a battering, which helps protect the beach. Without the groynes the shingle would move farther. Pebbles still reach the foreshore. The cliffs are being eroded by waves and weather.

A large number of people braved the cold on New Year’s Day to raise money for the RNLI (whose volunteers were there to keep them safe) and other charities.


In which I was cheeky

This week the photo challenge from the Daily Post is Cheeky .

Cheeky characters
Cheeky characters

I spotted these cheeky characters and others at the August Bank holiday weekend. I was cheeky enough to ask them if I could take a photo and post it on the internet. I have no idea who they were, but they were just doing this for fun. I also cheekily joined in a conversation between a child and an adult, who were both right about which animals they had seen!

Experimenting on the beach

My Sony phone has a backlight option on its camera, which allows photos taken pointing towards the sun to be more than a blur. the photo I have chosen for this week was taken from a crouching position, looking towards the in-coming tide and the low autumn sunshine. The textures of the sand on the beach and the reflections in the pool of water add to the experimental nature of this composition.

Light, waves, textures and reflections
Light, waves, textures and reflections