Having stayed indoors for a whole week suffering from a respiratory virus I was glad to get out in the sunshine. With my scarf wrapped round my face to protect my sinuses and my hood up to protect my ears against the biting wind, I was happy with the results of my photography.

The tide had been particularly high with the onshore wind. I managed to judge the combined effect of the shutter delay and the waves to obtain some contrasting snaps –  or perhaps I was just lucky!

If waves fascinate you I posted some photos of waves in May 2018.

The Cumbrian coast in autumn

The weather in Cumbria can be changeable with different weather on consecutive days or even in a single day. On the coast it is often milder than inland. This autumn there have been storms and calm days. Here is a selection of photos from October and November taken from similar vantage points. The first photo has reflections on the wet beach.

A cliff top walk on a clear day

It is unusual to have a very clear summer’s day on the Cumbrian coast. Often there is haze. The day I took most of these photos it was possible to see wind turbines out at sea, the Isle of Man including the Point of Ayre, Scottish mountains across the Solway Firth and the Cumbrian Mountains. I am also including one from a few days earlier for comparison. The weather by the sea may change quickly even in a single day.

I was looking for (and found) wild flowers #bythesea for #wildflowerhour.


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