February Pick a topic CMMC

This week for Cee Neuner’s midweek madness challenge (CMMC) she has challenged us to pick a topic from a scene with flowers, people seen from behind, a path and trees.

My photo is from January. It is of a cliff path and includes the back view of a person on the beach. Unsurprisingly the path is no longer the recommended route for walkers. The effects of coastal erosion are plain to see.

Cliff path in foreground on left. Beach with pebbles and rocks at low tide. Grass and other plants beside the path. Beach bungalows and houses with another hill beyond.
Stay safe by the seaside!

From time to time I warn occasional visitors to the seaside of the dangers of walking too near the edge of cliffs. There is also a danger of large stones and rocks falling on people who walk along the beach too close to unstable cliffs.


December CMMC Letter R

The photo I have chosen for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC) this week is one I took on a morning walk along the beach. As a child using various film cameras I was taught never to take photos looking towards the sun. Digital cameras with artificial intelligence make this advice superfluous.

In winter the sand on the beach doesn’t dry out between high and low tide, sometimes creating a mirror-like surface. I took a few photos on our walk, but this one has reflections of the clouds and some ripples in the foreground. The sun appears low in the sky a week after the ‘shortest day’. Even the calm sea was reflecting the glare from the sun. The tide was coming in.

Blue sky and clouds with glare from sun all reflected on wet sand. Cliffs and a distant hill on the left. the incoming tide on the right.
Looking towards Black Combe with reflections and ripples