River Mersey and Earth Day

For the Earth photo challenge from the Daily Post I am sharing two photos of the River Mersey in south Manchester. They were taken on Palm Sunday. It was a beautiful spring morning. The river was calm like the weather. In the photo of the weir there is evidence of the height the river reached in the floods last year. The environment is affected by many forces, both natural and man-made.

Earth Day is a good time to reflect on how everyone has a responsibility to care for the environment.


Narrow gaps

This week the Photo Challenge from the Daily Post is Narrow.

Earlier this year I blogged from A to Z in April here and on Sue’s Trifles, where my post for N was N is for Narrow. I posted a photo there.

My photo here is on the same theme. The breakwaters or groynes around the British coast serve to take energy from the waves and lessen the impact on the coast during stormy weather. They help prevent the sand and pebbles being washed away. The groynes themselves take a battering and have to be repaired regularly. The storms last winter were particularly severe and the damage to groynes and at least one footbridge has not yet been repaired.

Could the person squeeze through?
Could the person squeeze through?

It is National Marine Week from 23 July to 7 August 2016, so my choice of photos fits with this theme.  The second photo is of the Beached Art event organised by the Wildlife Trusts.

Beached Art with groyne
Beached Art with groyne

Z is for Zygocactus

This is my post for the letter Z in the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge.  My theme is plants.

I mentioned this project to a friend, who said, “Z will be difficult.”  I had already discovered that some of my indoor plants begin with Z.  These are the Christmas cacti.  As I have two different types, I decided to look them up on Wikipedia.  I learned that all the plants formerly known as zygocactus have been swallowed up in the genus Schlumbergera.

Christmas cactus
Christmas cactus

I am not going to change my mind and look for a zinnia to help me out here.

There are very short posts on Sue’s Trifles for the A to Z in April Challenge.