Light green or neon green (CMMC Challenge)

Cee Neuner’s colour challenge for April is light green or neon green. (Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge)

I tried all sorts of nature photos in advance of this colour topic. The photo I have picked is of new bramble leaves. There are still some old ones near the top of the picture for comparison with the new light green leaves. What do you call brambles? Blackberries grow on them.

Bramble with new and old leaves (above green grass)


A shrub in our garden came from a nursery. When we bought it, we were unaware that it came in two sorts – male and female! Ours is a male. It produces lots of scented, pollen-laden flowers in spring. Serendipitously our next-door neighbour has a female, which produces red berries later in the year. Either it has grown through the fence or self-seeded in our garden as we now enjoy both sorts. Many people mistake these plants for laurel, a popular hedging plant.

My photos are from the beginning and end of April, showing the changes which occur after pollination.