A day out in the Lake District (Part 1 Claife)

Having parked in a National Trust car park, hubby and I had a picnic lunch on a bench above Claife Courtyard. We then strolled up to Claife viewing tower. The sun was shining brightly; there was hardly a breeze. It was our first visit to this area and we were fascinated by the tower. Information boards told us about its history and famous visitors. The top was ideal for looking out over the lake (or mere). Windermere is the largest expanse of water in the Lake District. It disappeared into the distance, looking almost like a wide river.

The space below the viewing area really caught my imagination. With the perforated metal floor letting sunlight through and the coloured glass projecting images, there was a pattern of shadows and light, which changed as other visitors walked overhead. I took photos when no-one was interfering with the natural shadows.

On a dull day there would not be such interesting patterns. Coloured glass plates were also available to look at the view. The idea of looking through a coloured filter was to reduce the impact of the view on sensitive people in earlier times. It is difficult to imagine the effect of a beautiful view on people from an age without the images of the small and large screen. Apparently it caused some of them to faint!

From Claife we followed the footpath signs to Hill Top. My relevant words and photos will appear next week in Part 2.

Reflections in Windermere

This week’s photo challenge from the Daily Post is Reflecting.

Unlike parts of north America, the UK has been enjoying a spell of dry weather. Hubby and I made a trip to the western side of largest expanse of water in the English Lake district – Windermere. There was hardly a breeze and the waves were lapping gently on the shore.

The photo I have chosen is the one with the clearest reflections. What is different about this photo is that the white masts are strongly contrasting with the woodland behind them. This gives a clearer reflection than where the contrast is less. Reflections of the masts against the sky are less distinct.

Reflections in Windermere
Reflections in Windermere

I am planning to post other photos from the same trip in future posts in the Visitor Attraction category.

A wildflower walk

At the beginning of May hubby and I went for a walk along a country lane, along a footpath at the edge of some fields and near the sea. There was a huge variety of wild flowers and I snapped many different species. I have attempted to identify the flowers, but I am only an amateur botanist with some reference books. If a flower needs a two-word  name, I have mostly missed the adjective. More accurate identification is welcome in the comments.

There is a plant with umbelliferous flowers, which has different leaves from cow parsley. I have labelled it, ‘Not cow parsley’ – just to be going on with! Another flower, which I cannot identify, has been posted to Twitter for help. I need to research it further and look at the leaves properly. (The one in my photo is in an area,where the grass is kept short, so I may miss the seeds. Next time I am there it could have been cropped!)

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