Changing tides

The photo challenge from the Daily Post is Delta.

The nearest beach to my home is not exactly a delta, although two streams (becks) flow into it. I have collected together four photos from the last six months or so, which were all taken looking towards the south. They are all from dull days. Perhaps this is because I am trying to show a distant hill in the photos. Sunny days are often hazy and the hill would not be clear.

The weather here towards the end of June is not typical British summer weather and is a contrast to the heat wave we enjoyed earlier in the month. Northerly winds, grey clouds, rain…

Another aspect of the photo challenge was changeability, as demonstrated by the rising tide in a delta. I hope these photos demonstrate that.


Wordsworth House and Cockermouth

Earlier this month hubby and I went to have another look at the exhibition at Wordsworth House in Cockermouth. We also had a good look round the garden, which has recovered well from the floods of December 2015, due mostly to the hard work of the head gardener and her team. On a short tour of the house we learned some things which we hadn’t heard on a previous tour.

Afterwards we had a walk along the river, more or less retracing the route we had taken on a visit last year. The river was flowing quite quickly.

Fête accomplie

This week the photo challenge from the Daily Post is  Transient.

Many towns and villages around the UK are decorated with bunting for a short time in summer to enhance a particular occasion, such as a fête or gala.

I took one photo shortly after the bunting had been put up and another the day I heard it was going to be taken down. It was there for less than 2 weeks.

Telegraph wires and bunting
Permanent and transient lines