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Introduction to Sue’s words and pictures


An outing to Acorn Bank

Garden survey 2015


Easter weekend

Morning light

A garden in spring

Perpetual motion

Photographs of the landscape

Intricate mechanism

A is for Ajuga

Forces of Nature

B is for Bluebell


C is for Clematis


Talkin Tarn revisited

D is for Dandelion

On the Way (3 photos)

E is for Elephants’ Ears

Vivid (3 photos)

F is for Fern


A coastal walk

Seven colours

A walk in the English Lake District

My seaside muse

Door prompt (4 photos)

A walk to the Bowder Stone

Symbol – treble clef

Flowers in the sunshine

Half and half (2 photos)

Myths about peonies

Close up (2 photos)

Inspiration (2 photos)

Beneath my feet (4 photos)

Creepy-crawly (2 photos)

An outing to Groombridge Place

A visit to William Wordsworth’s childhood home

A Good Day

A holiday in Kent

From every angle (4 photos)

Views of Furness Abbey

Carlisle Castle (3 views)


Visiting English Heritage sites – Furness Abbey



Visiting English Heritage sites – Carlisle Castle


Visiting English Heritage sites – Stott Park Bobbin Mill

Changing seasons

Visiting Wordsworth House in disguise

Boundaries (3 photos)

One of my happy places

Sunshine lifts the ordinary

Visiting English Heritage sites – Castlerigg stone circle

Be careful!

Visiting English Heritage sites – Lanercost Priory

A treat of a sweet

Sunset photo challenge

Ornamental adornments are ornate

Victory of a railway preservation group

Two Trios

A Turneresque sunset

Enigmatic Eye

We didn’t expect that!

Gathered by nature

Another favourite walk

2015 in review

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Altogether now!

Telling the time

Weight for it

My puzzling kit

A walk at low tide

My optimism was rewarded

What I learned in January 2016

Vibrant colours

Trash photo challenge

The sun’s bedtime

Street art

More pictures from trains

Spring and summer flowers in February

What I learned in February 2016

Fascinated by nature

Out and about

Harmony in nature

A visit to Carlisle

A to Z theme reveal

The dancing waves

A to Z Challenge 2016

Landscape in the English Lake District

Flowers of the future

Waiting to be fed

Looking across the border

A walk from St Bees to Fleswick Bay

A familiar face

From Keswick to Grasmere #CumbriaIsOpen

A visit to Allan Bank, Grasmere

A disused platform

A visit to Cockermouth and Wordsworth House

Steam trains have numbers

A visit to Wray castle

Pure white

A cross-country trip by train

Curves galore

A walk from Scargill House

Dog walkers

A visit to Whitehaven

A foxed sheep

A walk at low tide

Inside and outside (3 photos)

The walled garden at Scargill House

A house guest’s details (more than 1 photo)

July garden colour

Bunny bonus

Low tide at St Bees

Narrow gaps

Spotlight on Whitehaven

Morning outlook

Beyond the centre of Carlisle

Fun with Lego

Keswick and Derwentwater

A rare skyscape

A Lego exhibition

A frame and through the frame

Another Lego exhibition

Whitehaven harbour reflections


Carlisle has the edge (2 photos)

Acorn Bank again

Spring and summer at Acorn Bank

Exploring Iona

A favourite walk at sunset

Steam from the past

A flower observed

Oban Bay

Travelling in Scotland

In my back yard

A trip to Mull

Swans in the harbour

A day trip to Iona

A Mottik model

Transmogrify: tree roots to fungus

Travelling to and through Mull

Chaos in the countryside

Coming back from Iona

Tiny sunbathers

Oban, Dunollie Castle and McCaig’s Tower

Autumn colours

A walk along Derwentwater to Keswick

A holiday walk

Hope Park, Keswick

How can we relax?

Fitz Park, Keswick

Snow on the horizon

Walking back along Derwentwater

Anticipating a spectacular floral display

Christmas wishes to all my readers

A former path

Seaside sunsets

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A year by the Irish Sea

Street art

Signs of spring


Walking on the beach

Shadow selfie

Catching the wave

Photo of the month!

Surprised by the view

West Cumberland Railway Museum

A weather wish

Top of the spire

Spring greens

A walk on Mothering Sunday

How to be dense

A beautiful day for an outing

Security blankets and the like

A disappointing surprise

River Mersey and Earth Day

Carlisle Cathedral

Danger of drowning!

A wildflower walk

Reflections in Windermere

A day out in the Lake District (Part 1 Claife)

Literary Heritage

A day out in the Lake District (Part 2 To Sawrey)

Evanescent clouds

A day out in the Lake District (Part 3 Ash Landing)

Order restored

What to focus on

Fête accomplie

Wordsworth House and Cockermouth

Changing tides

A sunny day at the beach

Two bridges

Skyscape collage

Unusual bees

Photography brings satisfaction

Tactile textures

No fire!

Countless corners

A visit to Nymans

Structure of thistledown

Waiting to be of service

A short tour of Whitehaven

Layers on land, sea and sky

Window to water

Pedestrian Bridges

A blogging friend at Wordsworth House and Garden

All creatures great and small

Glowing colours

Labyrinthine curves

We’re peeking



Experimenting on the beach

Finding serenity on a road trip

In which I was cheeky

Going up

A favourite tourist destination

What? No photo challenge?

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A thriving cactus

Battered beach and crumbling cliffs

Broken silence

Variations of wall-life

Beloved plants

Sweet shade of pink

Another realm

Hardly a newsworthy story

I’d rather enjoy the view

A favourite place

Steam engine Leander

An ironic smile

A gentle awakening

Nature is prolific

On the right lines

Unlikely to be appreciated

Too many hedgerow flowers to tweet


To my email subscribers

Beauty from twisted stems

All-time favourite photo

Which way photo challenge

Malham Tarn

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Diagonal Lines

Photo Challenge: Curious

Something nasty by the footpath

Wildflowers near water

A visit to two castles in Cumbria

A visit to the Royal Botanical Garden in Edinburgh

A changing coastline

Wildlife in our garden (Part 1)

On the water

A lunch stop by Bassenthwaite Lake

The woods near Derwentwater

Hope Park, Keswick in September


Wray Castle in November

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A Walk around Whitehaven Harbour

An ancient oak tree

Birds near Derwentwater

Fascinating jetties

The Candlestick and Whitehaven Harbour

Sizergh Castle in February

Steam train March 2019

A walk from Great Wood to Ashness Bridge

A walk in Croydon

A close encounter of the ovine kind

A favourite circular walk

The Sherwood Forester

A (brief) visit to Townend

A walk down a lonning

A walk from Ashness Bridge

A walk at low tide

Recovering from a wildfire

A riverside and lakeside walk

A walk around Ennerdale Water

A diverse parish

Urban flora

A cliff top walk on a clear day

Britannia on tour

Photography at the local flower show

Wildlife in our garden (Part 2)

Wildlife in our garden (Part 3)

A woodland walk

A visit to Cragside

Some churches

A visit to Wallington NT

A boat trip around the Farne Islands

A walk from Seahouses

Wallington NT revisited

A walk on the Sizergh estate

Snaps from London

An autumn walk in Croydon

The Cumbrian coast in autumn

Different weather on the Cumbrian coast

A walk in a country park

Whitehaven in the autumn

Nature’s power

A walk in winter by the River Mersey

My best botanical days out in 2019

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From train windows

On the Hunt for Joy Challenge Week 1: Get outside

A winter landscape in the Lake District

On the Hunt for Joy Photo challenge week 2: Say cheese

Exploring a local landmark

On the Hunt for Joy Photo challenge Week 3: Jump for joy

An adventure around a reservoir

On the Hunt for Joy Week 4: Sit in the sun


On the Hunt for Joy – Week 5 – Count Chimneys

Vanishing point shadows

On the Hunt for Joy – week 6 – Cheer someone else up

Storm Ciara

On the Hunt for Joy – Week 7 – Make yourself look small

Storm Dennis with more windy weather

On the Hunt for Joy – Week 8 – Wear bright colours on tough days

Seaweed flapping in the wind

On the Hunt for Joy – Week 9 – Shop your home

On the Hunt for Joy – Week 10 – Put your collections on display

On the Hunt for Joy – Week 11- Colour code

On the Hunt for Joy – Week 12 – An abundance of ordinary things

Spring Equinox

On the Hunt for Joy – Week 13 – Paint your front door

Garden survey 2020

On the Hunt for Joy – week 14 – Switch it up

A misbehaved houseplant

On the Hunt for Joy – week 15 – Change your Light-bulbs


On the Hunt for Joy – week 16 – Tighten up (helpful tools)

Perennial cornflowers

On the Hunt for Joy – Week 17 – Start a (Cutting) Garden


On the Hunt for Joy – Week 18 – Make your own rainbows

A flowering cactus

On the Hunt for Joy – Week 19 – Plant sunflowers

A local walk

On the Hunt for  Joy – Week 20 – Let a child decorate

Some memories of April 2020

Coastal erosion revisited

On the Hunt for Joy – Week 22 – Mix play with everyday

Same place, different days

Garden flowers in May

On the Hunt for Joy – Week 24 – Add an Element of Nature

Recovery from a wildfire

An orchid

Swathes of wild flowers

Dryad’s saddle fungus

A walk from Wray Castle NT

Some flowers growing in unexpected places

On the hunt for joy: rediscover your childhood joys

Nature abhors a vacuum

On the Hunt for Joy: Take a field trip


Evening views near the Irish Sea

On the Hunt for Joy Challenge – Flowers

The story of two bird boxes

Another evening walk

Fleswick Bay revisited

Wood on a beach

Nature notes from October

5 of my best photos from November

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC) (Featured by Cee Neuner)

CMMC November Alphabet Challenge

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC) Silver or Gold

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC) Pick a topic from my photo with Rita guest host

CMMC December Pick a topic from my photo

Christmas Greetings

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC) Letter U.

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Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC) January Close up or Macro

Another CMMC January close-up or Macro

January CMMC Challenge: Pink

CMMC January pick a topic from my photo

CMMC January Letter W at the end of the word

February close-up or macro (CMMC) (Featured by Cee Neuner)

Blue/green for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC)

CMMC February pick a topic

CMMC February alphabet 2 ‘A’s

Close up or macro (CMMC) March challenge

CMMC March colour challenge: Orange

March pick a topic (CMMC)

March alphabet challenge (CMMC): CK or CH

Bright rectangles challenge (CMMC)

April Close-up or macro (CMMC)

Light Green or neon green (CMMC challenge)

April (CMMC) Pick a topic – over the hedge

April Alphabet CMMC Challenge – Letter E at the beginning or end of the word (Featured by Cee Neuner)

May Macro CMMC Photo Challenge

May CMMC colour purple

May CMMC Pick a topic from my photo

May CMMC Alphabet Challenge – Letter G

June close-up for CMMC

June CMMC Colour yellow

June CMMC challenge – pick a topic

June Alphabet Letter I or Eye

Close-up at home CMMC challenge

July CMMC Close-up

July CMMC Brown

Some views from a wildflower walk in Cumbria

July pick a topic CMMC

Up and down Black Combe

July CMMC Alphabet Letter K at the end of the word

Steam train Braunton

August close-up or macro CMMC Challenge

August CMMC Red

August CMMC pick a topic (Featured by Cee Neuner)

August CMMC pick a topic and FOTD

September CMMC close-up or macro

Garden wildlife

September CMMC Dark greens

September pick a topic CMMC

September CMMC Letter O in the middle of the word

September CMMC Autumn

October CMMC Close-up

October CMMC colour orange or light green

October CMMC Pick a topic from my photo

October CMMC Letter Q or U in the word

November close-up CMMC

November CMMC Blue

November CMMC pick a topic

November CMMC two S’s in the word (Featured by Cee Neuner)

December CMMC close-up

A visit to Fountains Abbey NT

Studley Royal Water Garden NT

December colour CMMC My favourite colour

December CMMC Pick a topic

Christmas Greetings!

December CMMC Letter R


January CMMC Close up

January CMMC Colour white

January CMMC Pick a topic

Viola for January CMMC Letter V in the word and FOTD

Close up February 2022 CMMC

February Colour Teal or Turquoise CMMC

February Pick a topic CMMC

X marks the spot February CMMC (Featured blogger!)

March 2022 Close up for CMMC

March CMMC Rainbow Colours

March pick a topic CMMC

March CMMC Letter D

Springtime March CMMC

April Close-up CMMC

April colour CMMC yellow and purple

April 2022 Pick a topic

April CMMC Letter F at the start of end of the word

May 2022 CMMC Close-up

May 2022 colour Forest or dark green

May 2022 Pick a topic CMMC challenge

Local history recorded on plaques

May CMMC beginning with H

June 2022 CMMC close up

June 2022 CMMC Pale, any colour

June 2022 pick a topic CMMC

June CMMC Letter J

June 2022 CMMC Flowers or leaves

July 2022 Macro or close up

July 2022 CMMC primary colours

July 2022 pick a topic CMMC

July 2022 CMMC Letter L at the end of a word

August 2022 CMMC Close-up and FOTD

August 2022 CMMC Colour white or off-white

August 2022 CMMC Pick a topic

August CMMC N in the middle of a word

August 2022 CMMC Fruit

September 2022 CMMC Close up

September 2022 CMMC Bright Pink or Magenta

September 2022 CMMC Pick a topic

September 2022 CMMC beginning with P (500th post)

October 2022 CMMC Macro or close-up

October 2022 CMMC Autumn colours

October CMMC Pick a topic from my photo

October 2022 CMMC Two letter Rs

November 2022 CMMC Close up

November 2022 CMMC Tangerine orange

November 2022 CMMC Pick a Topic from my Photo

November 2022 CMMC letter T in the middle or at the end of a word

November 2022 CMMC Truck or tree

December 2022 CMMC close up

December 2022 CMMC colour white

December 2022 Pick a topic

December 2022 CMMC V or W at the beginning of a word


January 2023 CMMC close up

January 2023 CMMC Amber colour

January 2023 CMMC Pick a topic

January CMMC beginning with A

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