Battered beach and crumbling cliffs

The effects of the elements on the man-made and natural scenery at the beach are an obvious interpretation of the theme of this challenge from Krista and the Daily Post

The breakwaters or groynes take a battering, which helps protect the beach. Without the groynes the shingle would move farther. Pebbles still reach the foreshore. The cliffs are being eroded by waves and weather.

A large number of people braved the cold on New Year’s Day to raise money for the RNLI (whose volunteers were there to keep them safe) and other charities.


What? No photo challenge?

As it is the holiday season there is no photo challenge from the Daily Post this week. I have looked through my photos and decided to share a few from two days a month apart. They demonstrate the changing weather and the effect of light on some views.



With good wishes for 2018 to all my readers.

We’re peeking!

My interpretation of the Peek Photo challenge from the Daily Post is slightly different from the example. Instead of giving you a peek at something half hidden my photo shows a plant, which found its way through a fence in September to give passers-by a peek at its flowers. They were passion flowers.

Passion Flowers
Passion Flowers
Close-up of Passion flowers
Close-up of Passion flowers

A late friend of my mother used to cultivate one of these and could explain how it came to have its name.