Wordsworth House and Cockermouth

Earlier this month hubby and I went to have another look at the exhibition at Wordsworth House in Cockermouth. We also had a good look round the garden, which has recovered well from the floods of December 2015, due mostly to the hard work of the head gardener and her team. On a short tour of the house we learned some things which we hadn’t heard on a previous tour.

Afterwards we had a walk along the river, more or less retracing the route we had taken on a visit last year. The river was flowing quite quickly.


A wildflower walk

At the beginning of May hubby and I went for a walk along a country lane, along a footpath at the edge of some fields and near the sea. There was a huge variety of wild flowers and I snapped many different species. I have attempted to identify the flowers, but I am only an amateur botanist with some reference books. If a flower needs a two-word  name, I have mostly missed the adjective. More accurate identification is welcome in the comments.

There is a plant with umbelliferous flowers, which has different leaves from cow parsley. I have labelled it, ‘Not cow parsley’ – just to be going on with! Another flower, which I cannot identify, has been posted to Twitter for help. I need to research it further and look at the leaves properly. (The one in my photo is in an area,where the grass is kept short, so I may miss the seeds. Next time I am there it could have been cropped!)

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A year by the Irish Sea

For my first post in 2017 I have taken a look back over 2016 and selected one photo from each month. All these photos were taken within a fairly small radius. I think they show how much the appearance of a place depends on the weather, the position of the sun relative to the landscape and the state of the tide.

To dispel any doubt these photos are of the Cumbrian coast. I have been asked for directions to “the ocean” before now, but this is the Irish Sea.