A cliff top walk on a clear day

It is unusual to have a very clear summer’s day on the Cumbrian coast. Often there is haze. The day I took most of these photos it was possible to see wind turbines out at sea, the Isle of Man including the Point of Ayre, Scottish mountains across the Solway Firth and the Cumbrian Mountains. I am also including one from a few days earlier for comparison. The weather by the sea may change quickly even in a single day.

I was looking for (and found) wild flowers #bythesea for #wildflowerhour.


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Urban flora

Here are some photos of plants and trees in a local town centre. When I took a friend on a short tour of the town, I avoided the area near the busy cross roads, because it was shabby at that time. Now it is looking much smarter. There are floral displays with brightly coloured begonias all over the town. I have included a picture of a park we visited.

The silver birch trees are the sort which gave the title to a book I read recently – Ghost Trees.

A diverse parish

Within walking distance of my home there are many different habitats for wildlife. The beach and cliffs have featured more than once here. There is also arable land, pasture, woodland, marshland, hedgerows, ponds, streams (or becks as they are known locally) and gardens. I have chosen a few snaps of some of these areas in June and July.

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