Photo challenge: Curious

I apologise to my followers that this blog has been rather neglected recently. The photo challenge from the Daily Post stopped with very little notice. There are other challenges from bloggers including Cee Neuner. I haven’t found a new blogging routine yet. This week I am linking to a different photo challenge, Curious.
My photo was taken on a train at the beginning of June. Something caught my attention as it was not quite right and I was curious.

Graffiti on a notice
Graffiti on a notice

Which way photo challenge

This is the first time I have taken part in one of  Cee’s photo challenges.


Which way’ is a weekly challenge on a Friday.

It just happened that I was walking along a footpath looking out for different species of grass for a Twitter #wildflowerhour, when I looked up and saw a group of ewes and lambs ahead of me on the path.

Which way would they go? They turned off to their right.

Sheep ahead
Sheep ahead

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge