On the Hunt for Joy Challenge – Flowers

Like Cee whose latest On the Hunt for Joy Challenge is Put Flowers next to your bed, I do not appreciate cut flowers indoors. They usually set off my allergic rhinitis.

However we do grow flowering houseplants including the orchid which featured in an earlier post for Cee’s challenge. We have had the orchid in this post much longer. It was a gift from a friend a few years ago. It has been in flower for months already this year and the flowers have not begun to drop yet.

On the Hunt for Joy challenge: Remember to hydrate

Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge this week is Remember to hydrate

Water-bottle, stopper, glass and a drink
Water-bottle, stopper, glass and a drink

Had I found this challenge sooner, my glass would have contained apple and raspberry and I’d have used an empty bottle. The glass is not quite large enough to hold all the contents of the glass bottle.

By contrast the water bottle I take out with water in holds a lot of water. If I am only going for a local walk, I measure a glassful of water and pour it into the flask. Water is heavy to carry. A pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter if I remember correctly.

On the Hunt for Joy: Rediscover your childhood joys

After a break I am back with a post for Cee’s On the hunt for joy challenge – Rediscover your childhood joys

I have always enjoyed reading and still have many of my childhood books and the musical instruments I began to learn to play as a child.

Like Cee I enjoyed colouring as a child. I didn’t find it easy to be neat. I remember my Grandad showing me how to colour shapes with circular strokes of the pencil.

No words on this spread – other pages have Bible verses to colour

Now I enjoy colouring Images of Joy by Jacqui Grace – appropriate for this challenge. I put tissue paper between the pages to stop the colour being transferred to the opposite page. The pencils I use are blendable.