Broken silence

The prompt from the Daily Post for this week’s photo challenge is Silence.

I was too slow to get outside to take a photo of the blanket of snow, which muffled sounds overnight. By the time I was wrapped up warm there was a steady dripping sound of melting snow!


Battered beach and crumbling cliffs

The effects of the elements on the man-made and natural scenery at the beach are an obvious interpretation of the theme of this challenge from Krista and the Daily Post

The breakwaters or groynes take a battering, which helps protect the beach. Without the groynes the shingle would move farther. Pebbles still reach the foreshore. The cliffs are being eroded by waves and weather.

A large number of people braved the cold on New Year’s Day to raise money for the RNLI (whose volunteers were there to keep them safe) and other charities.

A thriving cactus

The first photo challenge of 2018 from the Daily Post is Growth.

A thriving cactus

A thriving cactus

I became interested in cacti as a schoolgirl. I have probably had more than one cactus in my possession ever since, although I may have left them in the care of my parents at some times in the past.

The cactus in the picture is not strictly mine. It is our turn to be cactus-minders! Originally I wrote cactus-sitters, but (to anyone with a literal mind) that could sound painful! When it arrived in our house it was the height of the narrow, darker part at its base. Over the years it has put on a lot of new growth.