June 2022 Pick a topic CMMC

This week Cee has posted a photo from which we have to pick a topic for her midweek madness challenge (CMMC).

Just after I took the photo for last week’s CMMC (pale) there was some unusual activity in the road outside. I took a few photos through the window. A gull landed with a whole fatball/seedball in its beak. As it couldn’t swallow it whole, other birds soon arrived to share the feast!

Gull and corvids sharing birdseed in the street. They are seen through the window and some are behind a hebe in the garden.
Birds outside the window

3 thoughts on “June 2022 Pick a topic CMMC

  1. Lovely incident! We have squirrels and birds (mainly Jackdaws!) who regularly feed on bird feeders on a neighbours’ large shed roof: once a squirrel took a whole one of those balls… and ran off with it. I love your photo as we can see they’re sharing the goods!

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