Repeat visit of steam engine Braunton

My guess that the station would not be busy on a damp day turned out to be correct. The steam train’s timetable coincided with a service train’s arrival at the station. The train had been painted to commemorate 100 years of the Royal Air Force in 2018. It arrived a few minutes before the steam-drawn excursion passed slowly through the station without stopping.

Train on left in RAF livery with tall lamp post behind it.Front of Steam train with clouds of dark grey smoke, people taking photographs on platform, station furniture and building.
Two trains – One in RAF commemorative livery and Braunton, 34046
Photo of part of the side of the engine with name-plate reading 'BRAUNTON, WEST COUNTRY CLASS'
Braunton name plate on moving train
Steam engine, tender and part of front coach. Man in orange high visibility jacket (and his reflection on the tender), man in blue overalls and hat leaning out from footplate
Exchange of tokens

The engines at the front and back of the long train were exactly the same ones as in my earlier post. Roger Hosking was a collector of postmarks from mail handled on ships and trains.

Part of deisiel engine in two shades of green. Name plate reads 'Roger Hosking MA 1925-2013
Deisel engine, Roger Hosking MA