August close-up or macro CMMC challenge

Cee Neuner’s challenge this week for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge (CMMC) is for a close-up or Macro.

I was walking along the beach, when the texture of a rock caught my eye. The local rock is red sandstone, but there are other rocks, which are said to have arrived due to glacial action in the last ice-age. I am posting two pictures this time taken from close to and very close to the rock.

White, grey, yellow and black pattern of rock's texture
Texture of a rock
Greyish rock on sandy beach with scattered pebbles of various colours
The large rock with sand and pebbles including red sandstone ones

5 thoughts on “August close-up or macro CMMC challenge

    1. Yes, I’ve done similar photos of the rocks on the beach in Cornwall. These things are interesting but they often pass people by (or people pass by them!) imagining it’s jut=st a rock – how boring! I’ve also done a painting of the small ones on a beach – beautiful colours when wet from the sea… Interested in what rocks we have here in your picture, because although you’re much further North, you’re still on the Westside, and the sea, and before that the glaciers, will have moved rocks about … and that selection looks familiar. I am guessing there are several different ones represented.

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