Steam train Braunton

Earlier this month a steam train was scheduled to take an excursion from Saphos trains along the Cumbria Coastal Railway. The best local place for photography is probably the station as all trains stop there if only briefly. However it can be very busy and everyone wants a good spot, so I decided to snap it on its way into the station.

As I arrived at my vantage point with a view of a fairly long stretch of the line, I disturbed a rabbit and a heron. Both creatures were far quicker than the time taken to switch on my camera and point it in the right direction!

The track slopes down to the station so that trains can coast along at a reasonable speed. No puffs of smoke as there are beyond the station when it sets off again. The diesel engine in case of need had the name Roger Hosking MA, although it is not legible on my photos.

Train in top third of picture, field in foreground, wooded hills beyond
Here it comes!
Front of Braunton
The tender of Braunton 34046
The end of the long train with Deisel loco, Roger Hosking MA


6 thoughts on “Steam train Braunton

  1. Yes very lovely pics of the beautiful train – sorry about the 2 creatures, isn’t it frustrating when one can’t get a picture! (We are a Train family too – both sons so the grandsons are following on!) I remember going on holiday in a steam train, long ago! We used to go and watch the engine hissing steam as it stood in the station…early 1960s or maybe earlier, late 1950s?

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  2. Lovely to see these pictures. As a long term admirer of the products (rebuilt or otherwise) of O.V.S. Bulleid how could I not like it! A long time ago I saw some of the unrebuilt versions in service passing through… Braunton!

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