July CMMC Alphabet Letter K at the end of the word

Cee Neuner’s challenge for the CMMC (Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge) is for a word with K at the end.

I went for a walk today, when the forecast was mainly rainy, looking for appropriate things for this challenge. There were more than I expected. The photo I chose is of a beck, with the predominant plant on the bank being dock, which has gone to seed with red spikes. There are at least three words ending in K in the same photo!

Stream with reflections, grass, dock and other plants on the banks
A beck with plants including dock on the bank

This area has appeared in a previous challenge, when the topic was fence. Today’s photo was taken from the bridge in the earlier post.

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      1. I think a beck is good for this little watercourse: it is surely the word for Northern England (as Sue says above) – I suspect that in the South it’s a Stream (which sounds far less interesting and is a rather dull, portmanteau word!). Can we call it a Beck please?

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