On the Hunt for Joy Challenge – Flowers

Like Cee whose latest On the Hunt for Joy Challenge is Put Flowers next to your bed, I do not appreciate cut flowers indoors. They usually set off my allergic rhinitis.

However we do grow flowering houseplants including the orchid which featured in an earlier post for Cee’s challenge. We have had the orchid in this post much longer. It was a gift from a friend a few years ago. It has been in flower for months already this year and the flowers have not begun to drop yet.


3 thoughts on “On the Hunt for Joy Challenge – Flowers

    1. I love flowers for their colours and their variety – what wonderful things they are. We have some yellow Begonias this year – bought last summer at a market in Yorkshire, and carefully brought through the winter indoors, so out on the patio in their pots this time. Gorgeous and weird fluffy flowers! My gardening intention is to keep colour – by having plants in flower – out in the garden for as much of the year as possible. We do however have hyacinths indoors in pots and buy daffs as soon as these appear in the shops, but flowers are best outdoors…Love your orchid Susan, glad to see it again!

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