A shrub in our garden came from a nursery. When we bought it, we were unaware that it came in two sorts – male and female! Ours is a male. It produces lots of scented, pollen-laden flowers in spring. Serendipitously our next-door neighbour has a female, which produces red berries later in the year. Either it has grown through the fence or self-seeded in our garden as we now enjoy both sorts. Many people mistake these plants for laurel, a popular hedging plant.

My photos are from the beginning and end of April, showing the changes which occur after pollination.


2 thoughts on “Skimmia

  1. Interesting. We have a (male) Skimmia. We are having a problem with it at present as the long rainy season followed by long dry season did not suit it. Suddenly leaves went yellow & began falling off. Have instituted regime of feeding and watering, hoping it will revive! We have had it a long time, but I just read how a Skimmia needs to be watered in long dry periods.It also is probably unhappy that 2 nearby shade plants were also affected by the dry weather and no longer with us.English weather no longer trustable (if it ever was…)

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