On the Hunt for joy – Week 16 – Tighten Up (helpful tools)

Had I known what Cee Neuner’s Tighten up challenge was about a few hours earlier, I could have taken a different photo. Coincidentally Hubby had tightened a screw on the back of a bookshelf he had made. (I discovered a minor problem with it during my spring cleaning, which I am doing a little at a time during lockdown.) By the time the challenge post was published the bookshelf was back in position and fully loaded with books.

Spot the odd-one-out!

Instead there is a very old screwdriver, which feels good to hold, alongside some equipment I use for my knitting projects. Knitting gives me a sense of achievement. If you are wondering what I am knitting, the answer (with a picture) is on my other blog, Sue’s Trifles. During April posts for the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge predominate, but normal service should be resumed on Sue’s Trifles in May!


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