Garden survey 2020

In various posts on my Sue’s Trifles blog, I have expressed the intention to post the results of my garden survey each year. This is one thing, which I haven’t remembered to do. In fact I seem to have neglected to do this for the last few years! However I still have the records, which I can summarise here.

Like everyone else I am spending more time than usual at home and in the garden. Having carried out my usual survey on 31 March, I am posting the results here along with some photos from March this year.

For comparison (and ease of editing the table!) the 2015 results are on the right. In 2019* the record was made on 30 March. Over the years a few plants have vanished – tulipa tarda, heather and wallflowers all appeared on the 2015 compilation. (New plants are not in alphabetical order, but replace lost ones!) I deleted some spare rows, before I remembered that holly is also in bud. (Note to self: learn how to edit a table!)

Y indicates that Yes, a species is in flower.  Bud and over need no explanation.

Plant 31 March 2016 2017 2018 2019* 2020 2015
cyclamen  New Y
bluebell  Bud  Bud Bud
comfrey  Y Y   Y
crocus Over* Over Y Over   Over 1 left
daffodil  Y Y  bud   Y Y
elephant’s ear Y  Y   Y Over
flowering currant  Y Y   Y In bud
giant grape hyacinth   Y
grape hyacinth  Y Y Y Y   Y Y
honesty   Bud
hyacinth Y Y  Y   Y Y
miniature narcissus Y Y Y Over   Over Y
narcissus Y  Y   Y Y
Perennial cornflower Bud Bud
periwinkle Y Y Y  Y   Y Y
pink saxifrage  Y Y  Y Y
primrose  Y Y Y Y   Y Y
primula denticulata Y Y Y Y   Y Y
purple hebe   Y Y
rosemary  Y   Y Y
saxifrage (red)  Y  Y  Y   Bud Y
scilla  Y (1) Y  Y   Y Y
skimmia  Bud  Y  Y  Y   Y In bud
snowdrop Over Over Over Over   Over Over
tulip  Bud   Bud
Tulip (red&yellow)  New   Over
wallflower Y Y Y Y
winter jasmine Over Over Over Over   Over Over

Elephant’s ears are Bergenia – their leaves are very large, hence the common name.

Giant grape hyacinths are Puschkinia scilloides or a similar plant.  (Not grape hyacinths at all and more like Scilla.  This is how wrong information is passed on!)

Previous garden survey posts 2014 and 2015

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